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Wu, Yang

2117±148 2006-06-10 ITTF Junior Circuit Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Edmonton (Girls)2276±103 2006-09-02 ITTF Junior Circuit Taiyuan Junior and Cadet Open, Taiyuan (Girls)2378±79 2006-12-10 ITTF World Junior Championships, Cairo (Girls)2497±78 2009-03-19 Pro Tour German Open, Bremen (Women)2695±72 2009-08-12 Pro Tour China Open, Tianjin (Women)2619±71 2009-11-25 Pro Tour Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2651±68 2009-12-09 World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Cartagena de Indias (Girls)2677±57 2010-03-18 Pro Tour German Open, Berlin (Women)2734±32 2010-06-09 Chinese First League (Women)2725±43 2010-08-18 Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2668±41 2010-10-11 Chinese National Championship (Women)2689±37 2010-10-20 Pro Tour Austrian Open, Wels (Women)2747±63 2011-01-18 Pro Tour Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2730±50 2011-02-23 Pro Tour German Open, Dortmund (Women)2754±54 2011-03-16 Pro Tour Polish Open, Wladyslawowo (Women)2746±51 2011-05-08 World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam (Women)2696±61 2011-09-21 Pro Tour Austrian Open, Vienna (Women)2755±64 2012-01-17 World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2754±58 2012-01-25 World Tour, Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2750±59 2012-04-06 Asian Cup, Guangzhou (Women)2748±58 2012-05-16 World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon (Women)2745±53 2012-05-23 World Tour, China Open, Shanghai (Women)2726±64 2012-10-13 Chinese Women Championships2689±32 2012-10-16 Chinese Table Tennis Superleague 2012 (Women)2696±47 2013-01-23 World Tour, Austrian Open, Wels (Women)2698±26 2013-02-12 Chinese Female Trials2703±38 2013-03-28 Team World Cup, Guangzhou (Women)2710±37 2013-04-10 2013 Asian Cup (Women)2724±33 2013-04-12 GAC Group 26th Table Tennis Asian Cup, Hong Kong (Women)2722±38 2013-05-13 World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Women)2759±34 2013-07-02 Chinese Superleague 2013 (First Phase, Women)2765±43 2013-08-14 World Tour, Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2768±44 2013-09-21 Women’s World Cup, Kobe2780±51 2013-11-07 East Asian Games, Tianjin (Women)2786±47 2013-11-20 World Tour, Russian Open, Ekaterinburg (Women)2748±53 2014-02-12 World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2769±34 2014-05-18 Chinese 2014 Super League (Women)2772±35 2014-06-04 World Tour, China Open, Chengdu (Women)2775±57 2014-09-27 17th Asian Games, Incheon (Women)2778±61 2014-10-27 European Champions League (Women, R3)2766±53 2014-11-12 World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2766±55 2014-11-24 European Champions League (Women, R4)2767±57 2014-12-06 European Champions League (Women, R6)2772±62 2015-01-19 European Champions League (Women, SF1)2775±62 2015-01-24 European Champions League (Women, SF2)2757±57 2015-02-11 GAC Group World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2770±60 2015-03-15 European Champions League (Women, F1)2760±59 2015-04-26 World Table Tennis Championships, Suzhou (Women)2744±60 2015-06-24 GAC Group World Tour, Japan Open, Kobe (Women)2729±66 2015-10-21 GAC Group World Tour, Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2773±69 2016-01-27 World Tour, German Open, Berlin (Women)2742±71 2016-06-15 World Tour, LAOX Japan Open, Tokyo (Women)2716±64 2016-06-22 World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon (Women)2617±82 2017-02-21 World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2609±70 2017-04-09 ITTF Asian Championships, Wuxi (Women)2611±68 2017-11-07 World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2606±76 2018-03-08 World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2607±64 2018-03-23 World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2594±62 2018-05-31 World Tour, China Open, Shenzhen (Women)2594±59 2018-08-23 World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2564±61 2018-11-01 World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2577±54 2018-11-06 World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)2620±71 2019-06-12 ITTF World Tour Platinum Japan Open, Sapporo (Women)2602±63 2019-08-13 ITTF World Tour Bulgarian Open, Panagyurishte (Women)2600±58 2019-08-20 ITTF World Tour Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)Rating History

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