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Chandra, Abhishek

392±150 2010-01-13 RTTC Wednesday League R-R431±106 2010-01-20 RTTC Wednesday League R-R543±64 2010-01-27 RTTC Wednesday League R-R561±54 2010-02-03 RTTC Wednesday League R-R538±50 2010-02-24 RTTC Wednesday League R-R511±44 2010-03-03 RTTC Wednesday League R-R511±48 2010-03-24 RTTC Winter Tournament502±47 2010-04-14 RTTC Wednesday League R-R490±44 2010-04-21 RTTC Wednesday League R-R483±42 2010-04-28 RTTC Wednesday League R-R505±42 2010-05-05 RTTC Wednesday League R-R497±42 2010-05-19 RTTC Wednesday League R-R508±48 2010-08-11 RTTC Wednesday League R-R524±46 2010-09-01 RTTC Wednesday League R-R538±46 2010-09-08 RTTC Wednesday League R-R535±45 2010-09-15 RTTC Wednesday League R-R542±46 2010-09-22 RTTC Wednesday League R-R548±46 2010-10-13 RTTC Wednesday League R-R583±49 2010-10-20 RTTC Wednesday League R-R581±45 2010-10-27 RTTC Wednesday League R-R573±41 2010-11-03 RTTC Wednesday League R-R574±39 2010-11-10 RTTC Wednesday League R-R576±40 2010-11-17 RTTC Wednesday Team Event577±43 2011-01-12 RTTC Wednesday League650±68 2011-02-05 2011 Minnesota State Championships656±56 2011-02-09 RTTC Wednesday League789±74 2011-02-23 RTTC Wednesday League812±55 2011-03-09 RTTC Wednesday League772±58 2011-04-20 RTTC Wednesday League789±51 2011-04-27 Rochester, Mn - Wed League807±46 2011-05-04 Rochester, MN - Wed League818±46 2011-05-07 Northfield Open 2011804±45 2011-05-18 Rochester, MN Wed - Wed League807±53 2011-07-07 RTTC Wednesday League R-R801±50 2011-07-13 RTTC Wednesday League R-R859±55 2011-08-10 Rochester, MN Wed League844±43 2011-08-17 Rochester, Mn Wed League801±42 2011-08-24 Rochester, Mn Wed League806±43 2011-09-07 RTTC Wednesday League R-R795±42 2011-09-28 Rochester, MN Summer Tournament815±48 2011-11-30 RTTC Wednesday League R-R806±46 2011-12-07 RTTC Wednesday League R-R801±46 2012-01-25 Rochester, MN Wed League818±40 2012-02-04 2012 MN State Championships798±37 2012-02-08 Rochester, MN Wed League796±41 2012-02-29 Rochester, MN Wed League783±40 2012-03-07 Rochester, MN Wed League786±41 2012-03-14 Rochester, MN Wed League788±42 2012-03-21 RTTC 2012 Winter797±51 2012-05-05 Northfield Open 2012825±57 2012-08-08 Rochester, MN Wed League806±46 2012-08-15 Rochester, MN Wed League796±44 2012-08-22 Rochester, MN Wed League785±42 2012-08-29 Rochester, MN Wed League767±41 2012-09-12 Rochester, MN Wed League766±42 2012-09-19 Rochester, Mn 2012 Summer761±43 2012-10-17 Rochester, MN Wed League697±58 2013-07-10 RTTC Wednesday League RR668±53 2013-08-14 Rochester, MN Wed League644±54 2014-01-22 Rochester, MN Wednesday League794±82 2014-05-03 Northfield 5th Annual Tournament763±59 2014-06-11 Rochester, MN Wednesday League775±49 2014-07-02 Rochester, MN Wednesday League768±59 2015-02-04 Rochester, MN Wednesday League858±68 2015-05-27 Rochester, MN Wednesday League869±75 2016-02-03 RTTC Wednesday League RR797±77 2017-02-01 Rochester, MN Wednesday League756±67 2017-05-06 8th Annual Northfield Table Tennis Tournament649±67 2017-08-23 Rochester, MN Wednesday League545±70 2018-03-28 RTTC 2018 Winter564±73 2019-05-22 Rochester, MN Wednesday LeagueRating History

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