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Leung, Chu Yan

2680±107 2000-09-16 Olympic Games, Sydney (Men)2784±98 2001-11-21 Swedish Open, Skovde (Men)2782±97 2002-01-23 Austria Open, Wels (Men)2799±85 2002-02-19 Egypt Open, Cairo (Men)2796±82 2002-03-04 Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2888±67 2002-05-02 Italy Open, Courmayeur (Men)2880±66 2002-05-29 China Open, Qingdao City (Men)2899±62 2002-07-03 US Open, Fort Lauderdale (Men)2885±66 2002-09-05 Korean Open, Gangneung City (Men)2807±75 2003-01-23 Croatian Open, Croatia (Men)2863±70 2003-05-19 World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Men)2865±65 2003-06-26 Brazilian Open, Rio de Janeiro (Men)2872±66 2003-09-11 China Open, Guangzhou (Men)2859±63 2003-09-18 Japan Open, Kobe (Men)2883±56 2003-10-02 Malaysian Open, Johor Bahru (Men)2875±58 2003-11-06 German Open, Bremen (Men)2888±54 2003-11-12 Danish Open, Aarhus (Men)2887±52 2003-11-19 Swedish Open, Malmo (Men)2887±38 2004-03-01 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Doba (Men)2863±49 2004-05-20 Korean Open, Pyeongchang (Men)2862±46 2004-05-27 Singapore Open, Singapore (Men)2942±66 2004-08-14 Olympic Games, Athens (Men)2941±65 2004-09-09 China Open, Wuxi (Men)2928±57 2004-09-16 Volkswagen Open (China), Changchun (Men)2959±53 2004-09-23 Japan Open, Kobe (Men)2928±49 2004-10-14 Polish Open, Warsaw (Men)2970±45 2004-10-21 Danish Open, Aarhus (Men)2951±45 2004-11-11 German Open, Leipzig (Men)2946±48 2004-12-10 Pro Tour Grand Finals, Beijing (Men)2933±48 2005-01-12 Slovenia Open, Velenje (Men)2931±45 2005-01-19 Croatian Open, Zagreb (Men)2908±48 2005-02-21 Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2882±53 2005-04-30 World Table Tennis Championships, Shanghai (Men)2889±55 2005-09-01 17th Asian Table Tennis Championships2921±51 2005-09-09 German Bundesliga2918±46 2005-09-11 German Bundesliga2887±46 2005-09-15 Volkswagen Open (China), Shenzhen (Men)2871±46 2005-10-02 German Bundesliga2819±47 2005-10-15 Chinese Championship2833±46 2005-10-22 German Bundesliga2821±45 2005-11-04 German Bundesliga2811±45 2005-11-09 German Open, Magdeburg (Men)2810±45 2005-11-17 Swedish Open, Gothenburg (Men)2848±54 2006-01-15 German Bundesliga2854±47 2006-01-22 German Bundesliga2874±46 2006-02-13 Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2871±43 2006-02-21 Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2885±43 2006-02-26 German Budesliga2889±42 2006-03-17 German Budesliga2880±40 2006-03-26 German Bundesliga2890±39 2006-04-02 German Bundesliga2869±38 2006-04-09 German Bundesliga2850±38 2006-04-24 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Bremen (Men)2831±43 2006-06-01 Korean Open, Jeonju (Men)2803±44 2006-06-08 Chinese Taipei Open, Taipei (Men)2815±44 2006-09-03 German Bundesliga2803±44 2006-09-14 Panasonic Open (China), Guangzhou (Men)2804±42 2006-09-21 Japan Open, Yokohama (Men)2812±41 2006-10-01 German Bundesliga2814±38 2006-10-08 German Bundesliga2817±38 2006-10-20 German Bundesliga2825±37 2006-10-28 German Bundesliga2838±34 2006-11-05 German Pokalmeisterschaft2835±38 2006-11-29 Asian Games2861±35 2006-12-03 German Bundesliga2852±39 2007-01-07 European Table Tennis Union Cup2870±39 2007-01-14 German Bundesliga2870±37 2007-01-16 Croatian Open, Zagreb (Men)2868±37 2007-01-28 German Bundesliga2865±38 2007-02-13 Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2867±35 2007-02-13 European Table Tennis Union Cup2875±35 2007-02-19 Kuwait Open, Salwa Cup (Men)2867±34 2007-02-25 German Bundesliga2861±35 2007-03-09 German Bundesliga2865±35 2007-03-18 European Table Tennis Union Cup2862±37 2007-04-09 German Bundesliga2882±38 2007-04-16 German Bundesliga2894±42 2007-04-28 European Table Tennis Union Cup2899±40 2007-04-30 German Bundesliga2906±42 2007-05-06 European Table Tennis Union Cup2918±43 2007-05-21 World Table Tennis Championships, Zagreb (Men)2911±39 2007-06-02 German Bundesliga2908±37 2007-06-10 German Bundesliga2889±45 2007-08-17 German Bundesliga2872±43 2007-08-23 Chinese Taipei Open, Taipei (Men)2875±43 2007-08-29 Panasonic Open (China), Shenzhen (Men)2872±42 2007-09-06 German Bundesliga2857±41 2007-09-17 Asian Championship2873±41 2007-10-05 World Team Cup, Magdeburg (Men)2868±38 2007-10-07 German Bundesliga2853±39 2007-10-18 Eurosib Russian Open, St. Petersburg (Men)2849±35 2007-10-23 German Bundesliga2847±35 2007-10-24 Liebherr Austrian Open, Wels (Men)2836±35 2007-10-31 Liebherr French Open, Toulouse (Men)2818±34 2007-11-03 German Cup2828±33 2007-11-13 German Bundesliga2830±32 2007-11-19 German Bundesliga2829±34 2007-12-02 German Bundesliga2827±34 2007-12-10 German Bundesliga2857±41 2008-01-10 German Bundesliga2862±50 2008-02-24 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Guangzhou (Men)2848±44 2008-03-14 German Bundesliga2868±44 2008-03-23 German Bundesliga2886±43 2008-04-13 German Bundesliga2874±38 2008-05-21 Pro Tour VW Open, Yokohama (Men)2872±38 2008-05-29 Pro Tour VW Open, Daejeon (Men)2854±38 2008-06-04 Pro Tour VW Open, Singapore (Men)2810±45 2008-08-31 German Bundesliga2829±43 2008-09-20 German Bundesliga2822±43 2008-10-19 German Bundesliga2828±45 2008-11-02 ETTU Cup2842±46 2008-11-14 German Bundesliga2842±39 2008-11-19 Pro Tour ERKE German Open, Berlin (Men)2873±36 2008-12-02 German Pokalmeisterschaft2874±34 2008-12-04 German Bundesliga2885±38 2008-12-19 ETTU Cup2863±39 2009-01-13 Pro Tour Slovenia Open, Velenje (Men)2873±40 2009-01-19 German Bundesliga2867±42 2009-02-11 Pro Tour Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2851±41 2009-02-17 Pro Tour Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2819±53 2009-06-03 Pro Tour China Open, Suzhou (Men)2807±60 2009-08-29 German Bundesliga2823±58 2009-09-06 German Bundesliga2781±54 2009-10-15 German Bundesliga2805±45 2009-10-17 Chinese National Championship2823±44 2009-10-21 German Bundesliga2820±43 2009-10-22 Team World Cup, Linz (Men)2819±43 2009-10-28 Pro Tour English Open, Sheffield (Men)2802±43 2009-11-06 German Cup2813±43 2009-11-14 German Bundesliga2847±47 2009-12-05 German Bundesliga2847±58 2010-03-18 Pro Tour German Open, Berlin (Men)2820±59 2010-07-01 Pro Tour Japan Open, Kobe (Men)2792±54 2010-07-07 Pro Tour Egypt Open, Cairo (Men)2746±60 2010-10-20 Pro Tour Austrian Open, Wels (Men)2708±57 2010-11-10 Pro Tour Polish Open, Warsaw (Men)2713±63 2011-02-23 Pro Tour German Open, Dortmund (Men)2750±57 2011-03-16 Pro Tour Polish Open, Wladyslawowo (Men)2803±56 2011-05-08 World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam (Men)2822±52 2011-06-15 Pro Tour VW China Open, Shenzhen (Men)2814±50 2011-06-29 Pro Tour Korea Open, Incheon (Men)2787±49 2011-08-24 Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Men)2787±49 2011-09-21 Pro Tour Austrian Open, Vienna (Men)2823±50 2011-10-19 Pro Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2849±55 2011-11-03 Team World Cup, Magdeburg (Men)2841±54 2012-01-17 World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2826±51 2012-02-07 World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2843±47 2012-02-14 World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2818±39 2012-02-23 Asian Championships, Macao (Men)2807±37 2012-03-25 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Dortmund (Men)2835±45 2012-04-19 Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament, Hong Kong (Men)2840±44 2012-05-13 Europe-Asia All Stars Series2823±41 2012-05-23 World Tour, China Open, Shanghai (Men)2805±41 2012-06-06 World Tour, Japan Open, Kobe (Men)2799±47 2012-07-28 Olympic Games, London (Men)2860±50 2012-09-07 European Champions League 2012-2013 First Phase2799±52 2013-02-01 European Champions League 2012-2013 Final Phase2813±60 2013-05-13 World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Men)2749±51 2013-06-02 Chinese Championship Qualifications2744±53 2013-06-30 Asian Championships, Busan (Men)2696±59 2013-08-14 World Tour, Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Men)2685±54 2013-09-01 ÖTTV Tischtennis-Cup 20132745±52 2013-09-06 European Champions League (Men, R1)2785±59 2013-10-12 East Asian Games 20132783±59 2013-11-06 World Tour, Polish Open, Spala (Men)2817±61 2013-11-07 East Asian Games, Tianjin (Men)2781±50 2013-11-13 World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Men)2782±57 2014-02-12 World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2746±53 2014-02-18 World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2707±54 2014-04-28 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Tokyo (Men)2710±75 2014-09-27 17th Asian Games, Incheon 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