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Haraldson, Rich

1156±220 2003-08-02 Table Tennis Minnesota1269±136 2006-10-13 Minnesota Competition League (South)1264±95 2006-10-20 Minnesota Competition League (South)1279±87 2006-10-27 Minnesota Competition League (South)1355±79 2006-11-03 Minnesota Competition League (South)1387±72 2006-11-10 Minnesota Competition League (South)1391±63 2006-11-17 Minnesota Competition League (South)1372±57 2006-11-18 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1356±53 2006-12-01 Minnesota Competition League (South)1396±55 2006-12-15 Minnesota Competition League (South)1350±48 2006-12-22 Minnesota Competition League (South)1368±48 2007-01-05 Minnesota Competition League (South)1396±48 2007-01-12 Minnesota Competition League (South)1393±44 2007-01-19 Minnesota Competition League (South)1384±42 2007-01-26 Minnesota Competition League (South)1369±40 2007-02-02 Minnesota Competition League (South)1357±40 2007-02-16 Minnesota Competition League (South)1370±41 2007-02-23 Minnesota Competition League (South)1340±38 2007-03-02 Minnesota Competition League (South)1334±38 2007-03-09 Minnesota Competition League (South)1343±40 2007-03-30 Minnesota Competition League (South)1365±44 2007-04-04 Minnesota Competition League (South)1377±46 2007-04-11 Minnesota Competition League (South)1339±39 2007-06-02 2007 Minnesota Open1335±46 2007-08-18 2007 Minnesota Giant Round Robin1350±47 2007-09-18 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1377±46 2007-09-25 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1406±51 2007-10-02 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1407±51 2007-10-03 Wednesday Competition League1401±48 2007-10-09 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1412±47 2007-10-16 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1436±51 2007-10-23 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1467±44 2007-10-27 2007 Porky’s Fall Classic1466±42 2007-10-30 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1458±40 2007-11-06 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1461±41 2007-11-20 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1462±41 2007-11-27 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1458±40 2007-12-04 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1443±39 2007-12-11 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1443±40 2007-12-18 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1434±41 2008-01-08 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1434±41 2008-01-15 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1431±38 2008-01-25 2008 Minnesota State Championships1429±38 2008-01-29 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1426±40 2008-02-12 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1422±40 2008-02-19 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1418±42 2008-03-04 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1416±42 2008-03-11 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1413±43 2008-03-18 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1420±41 2008-03-22 Minnesota Saturday Open1415±41 2008-03-25 Minnesota Tuesday Elite League1324±62 2008-10-27 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League1244±56 2008-11-03 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League1218±53 2008-11-10 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League1210±49 2008-11-17 Table Tennis MN:Monday Competition League1188±48 2008-11-24 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1217±46 2008-12-01 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1204±44 2008-12-04 Minnesota Thursday Elite League1201±43 2008-12-08 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1199±47 2009-01-19 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1202±46 2009-01-26 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1227±45 2009-02-02 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1204±41 2009-02-09 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1181±41 2009-02-16 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1202±41 2009-02-23 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1163±61 2009-09-28 Table Tennis MN Competition League South1143±56 2009-10-12 Minnesota TT Mon Competition League1170±52 2009-10-19 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1222±52 2009-10-26 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1205±45 2009-11-02 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1168±42 2009-11-09 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1130±39 2009-11-16 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1145±39 2009-11-23 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1144±39 2009-11-30 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1126±38 2009-12-07 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1125±37 2009-12-14 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1116±37 2009-12-28 Minnesota TT Monday Competition League1112±36 2010-01-04 Minnesota TT Monday Competition LeagueRating History

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