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Lee, Shu Fun

1147±309 2003-08-02 Table Tennis Minnesota1474±124 2003-09-06 Table Tennis Minnesota1589±68 2003-09-21 Table Tennis Minnesota1525±59 2003-09-28 Table Tennis Minnesota1471±56 2003-10-04 Table Tennis Minnesota1478±51 2003-10-18 Table Tennis Minnesota1360±96 2006-08-12 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1419±76 2006-08-19 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1379±68 2006-08-26 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1439±53 2006-09-02 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1430±52 2006-09-09 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1471±54 2006-09-16 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1487±49 2006-09-23 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1507±49 2006-09-30 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1530±51 2006-10-28 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1538±43 2006-11-04 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1560±43 2006-11-11 Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1572±42 2006-11-18 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1558±38 2006-11-25 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1558±38 2006-12-02 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1545±37 2006-12-09 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1528±39 2006-12-30 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1545±39 2007-01-06 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1545±39 2007-01-13 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1533±37 2007-01-20 Saturday Round Robin Tournament1548±43 2007-02-14 TTM Wednesday Elite League1569±46 2007-02-17 TTM Saturday Open1549±40 2007-02-21 TTM Wednesday Elite League1551±40 2007-02-28 TTM Wednesday Elite League1566±39 2007-03-03 TTM Saturday Open1553±37 2007-03-07 TTM Wednesday Elite League1552±38 2007-03-14 Minnesota Elite League (North)1554±36 2007-03-17 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1555±36 2007-03-21 Minnesota Elite League (North)1548±38 2007-04-07 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1523±38 2007-04-14 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1535±38 2007-04-28 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1540±36 2007-05-05 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1549±35 2007-05-12 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1541±39 2007-06-09 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1530±38 2007-06-16 Minnesota Saturday Open1537±40 2007-07-07 Minnesota Saturday Open1530±40 2007-07-14 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1530±39 2007-07-21 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1497±39 2007-07-25 Minnesota Senior Games1496±39 2007-07-28 Minnesota Saturday Open1508±38 2007-08-04 Minnesota Saturday Open Tournament1481±39 2007-08-11 Minnesota Saturday Open Tournament1452±36 2007-08-18 2007 Minnesota Giant Round Robin1449±38 2007-09-01 Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1428±38 2007-09-08 Minnesota Saturday Open1430±38 2007-09-15 Minnesota Saturday Open1411±39 2007-09-24 Minnesota Monday Elite League1393±40 2007-10-01 Minnesota Monday Elite League1416±42 2007-10-06 Minnesota Saturday Open1395±40 2007-10-08 Minnesota Monday Elite League1411±40 2007-10-15 Minnesota Elite League North1411±40 2007-10-20 Minnesota Saturday Open1413±40 2007-10-22 Minnesota Elite League North1407±38 2007-10-27 2007 Porky’s Fall Classic1398±37 2007-10-29 Minnesota Elite League North1421±38 2007-11-03 Minnesota Saturday Open1423±37 2007-11-05 Minnesota Elite League North1439±38 2007-11-10 Minnesota Saturday Open1438±36 2007-11-17 Minnesota Saturday Open1427±35 2007-11-19 Minnesota Monday Elite League North1449±34 2007-11-24 Minnesota Saturday Open1451±35 2007-12-03 Minnesota Monday Elite League North1435±35 2007-12-10 Minnesota Monday Elite League North1448±35 2007-12-15 Minnesota Saturday Open1449±35 2007-12-17 Minnesota Monday Elite League1456±34 2007-12-22 Minnesota Saturday Open1454±36 2008-01-05 Minnesota Saturday Open1459±35 2008-01-07 Minnesota Monday Elite League1453±35 2008-01-12 Minnesota Saturday Open1454±35 2008-01-14 Minnesota Monday Elite League1450±35 2008-01-19 Minnesota Saturday Open1451±35 2008-01-21 Minnesota Monday Elite League1437±34 2008-01-25 2008 Minnesota State Championships1435±34 2008-01-28 Minnesota Monday Elite League1421±34 2008-02-02 Minnesota Saturday Open1425±34 2008-02-04 Minnesota Monday Elite League1421±35 2008-02-11 Minnesota Monday Elite League1423±34 2008-02-16 Minnesota Saturday Open1414±34 2008-02-18 Minnesota Monday Elite League1409±34 2008-02-23 Minnesota Saturday Open1401±34 2008-02-25 Minnesota Monday Elite League1421±33 2008-03-01 Minnesota Saturday Open1422±33 2008-03-03 Minnesota Monday Elite League1413±33 2008-03-08 Minnesota Saturday Open1410±36 2008-03-24 Minnesota Monday Elite League1419±40 2008-04-19 Minnesota Saturday Open1439±42 2008-04-26 Minnesota Saturday Open1415±40 2008-05-03 Minnesota Saturday Open1414±42 2008-05-17 Minnesota Saturday Open1408±42 2008-05-31 Minnesota Saturday Open1406±42 2008-06-07 Minnesota Saturday Open1402±44 2008-06-28 Minnesota Saturday Open1452±52 2008-07-05 Minnesota Saturday Open1429±44 2008-07-19 Minnesota Saturday Open1426±43 2008-07-21 Minnesota Senior Games1449±45 2008-08-02 Minnesota Saturday Open1445±44 2008-08-16 Minnesota Saturday Open1438±43 2008-08-23 Minnesota Saturday Open1448±44 2008-09-06 Minnesota Saturday Open1409±46 2008-10-04 Minnesota Saturday Open1385±46 2008-10-11 Minnesota Saturday Open1390±47 2008-10-21 Minnesota Elite and Competition leagues-North1396±47 2008-10-28 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1399±48 2008-11-04 Minnesota Elite and Competition leagues--North1369±46 2008-11-08 Minnesota Saturday Open1369±47 2008-11-11 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1367±47 2008-11-15 Minnesota Saturday Open1368±47 2008-11-18 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1374±47 2008-11-25 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1377±44 2008-11-29 Minnesota Saturday Open1382±45 2008-12-09 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1383±45 2008-12-13 Minnesota Saturday Open1391±44 2008-12-16 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1399±43 2008-12-27 Minnesota Saturday Open1361±42 2009-01-03 Minnesota Saturday Open1361±42 2009-01-06 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1365±43 2009-01-12 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1362±42 2009-01-13 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1383±42 2009-01-17 Minnesota Saturday Open1386±42 2009-01-19 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1379±41 2009-01-20 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1383±41 2009-01-26 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1399±41 2009-01-27 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1400±41 2009-02-02 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1393±39 2009-02-03 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1396±40 2009-02-09 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1390±39 2009-02-10 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1388±40 2009-02-21 Minnesota Saturday Open1392±39 2009-02-23 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1400±38 2009-02-24 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1397±39 2009-03-07 Minnesota Saturday Open1401±38 2009-03-09 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1396±37 2009-03-10 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1403±38 2009-03-16 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1415±37 2009-03-17 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1411±36 2009-03-21 Minnesota Saturday Open1414±36 2009-03-23 Table tennis MN Competition League1414±39 2009-04-06 Table Tennis MN Monday Competition League1406±37 2009-04-07 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1421±36 2009-04-11 Minnesota Saturday Open1450±40 2009-04-14 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1454±41 2009-04-21 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1441±35 2009-04-25 Minnesota Saturday Open1419±36 2009-05-02 Minnesota Saturday Open1408±35 2009-05-05 Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1418±38 2009-05-30 Minnesota Saturday Open1404±37 2009-06-06 Minnesota Saturday Open1430±37 2009-06-09 Minnesota Tuesday Open1445±38 2009-06-16 Minnesota Tuesday Open1459±40 2009-06-20 Minnesota Saturday Open1480±48 2009-06-23 Minnesota Tuesday Open1471±35 2009-06-30 Minnesota Tuesday Open1456±32 2009-07-07 Minnesota Tuesday Open1425±33 2009-07-11 Minnesota Saturday Open1429±34 2009-07-20 Minnesota Senior Games1409±34 2009-07-25 Minnesota Saturday Open1437±51 2009-09-12 Minnesota Saturday Open1408±39 2009-09-15 Minnesota Tuesday Open1394±40 2009-10-27 Minnesota Tuesday Elite Competition Community1394±44 2009-11-14 Minnesota Saturday Open1368±43 2009-12-19 Minnesota Saturday Open1368±46 2010-01-02 Minnesota Saturday Open1395±71 2010-07-19 Minnesota 2010 Senior GamesRating History

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