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Zhang, Yahao

1798±111 2003-11-02 Aurora TTC1884±76 2003-12-07 Aurora TTC1807±67 2004-04-03 Saturday Round-Robin1898±60 2004-04-10 Littleton TTC Saturday Round-Robin1924±59 2004-05-02 Aurora May Round Robin1953±53 2004-05-22 Elite Round-Robin1949±50 2004-06-12 Saturday 8 Man Round Robin1959±57 2004-08-08 Aurora August Round-Robin1907±44 2004-08-28 Elite Round Robin1917±40 2004-09-04 Elite Round Robin1924±36 2004-09-05 Aurora TTC September Round-Robin1933±42 2004-10-09 20th Annual Colorado Springs Open1947±43 2004-11-07 Aurora November RR2002±58 2004-12-05 Aurora December Round Robin1994±50 2005-02-06 Aurora February Round-Robin2048±65 2005-05-01 Aurora May Round-Robin2017±55 2005-07-03 Aurora July Round Robin2031±65 2005-10-02 Aurora October Round Robin2073±66 2005-11-13 2005 Aurora Fall Open Tournament2013±49 2005-12-04 Aurora December RR2051±53 2006-01-08 Aurora January Round Robin2099±67 2006-04-02 Aurora April Round-Robin2074±57 2006-05-07 Aurora May Round-Robin2115±73 2006-09-03 Aurora September Round Robin2148±76 2006-10-01 Aurora October Round-Robin2173±79 2006-11-05 Aurora November Round Robin2209±116 2008-03-30 2008 Aurora Spring Open2236±64 2009-08-20 Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Montreal (Boys)2269±47 2009-09-24 ITTF Junior Circuit Chile Junior and Cadet Open, Coquimbo (Boys)2344±65 2009-10-17 2009 Top Spin Best Twelve2345±66 2009-10-23 Longmont FallOpen2338±53 2009-11-07 2009 Li-Ning Pacific Rim Open2300±44 2009-12-09 World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Cartagena de Indias (Boys)2307±61 2010-03-27 Topspin March Round Robin2310±63 2010-04-17 Longmont Spring Open2285±46 2010-06-09 ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Chengdu Junior and Cadet Open, Chengdu (Boys)2253±43 2010-06-29 North American Championships, Grand Rapids (Men)2261±38 2010-06-30 US Open Championships, Grand Rapids (Men)2289±40 2010-09-08 ITTF Junior Circuit Ecuador Junior and Cadet Open, Guayaquil (Boys)2346±43 2010-12-04 World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Bratislava (Boys)2348±53 2011-01-30 NCTTA Texas Division Spring 2011 Tournament2413±67 2011-01-31 2011 ACUI Region 12 Tournament2392±58 2011-04-01 ITTF North American Championships, Mississauga (Men)2417±61 2011-04-15 2011 NCTTA College Nationals2421±82 2011-10-07 NCTTA Texas Division Fall 2011 Tournament2619±98 2012-01-20 NCTTA 2012 Texas Division Singles Tournament2619±98 2012-01-20 NCTTA Texas Division Spring 2012 Tournament2630±99 2012-03-03 NCTTA South Regional Spring 2012 Tournament2570±76 2012-03-03 NCTTA 2012 South Regional Singles Tournament2519±65 2012-04-13 2012 NCTTA Nationals (Championship Singles)2519±65 2012-04-15 2012 NCTTA Nationals (Coed Teams)2520±65 2012-06-30 US Open, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Men)2394±63 2013-04-20 ITTF North American Cup, Westchester (Men)2324±59 2013-05-13 World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Men)2282±60 2013-07-03 Americas, US Open, Las Vegas (Men)2399±78 2014-03-01 South Region NCTTA Spring 20142409±82 2014-04-28 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Tokyo (Men)2345±55 2014-06-25 ITTF North America Cup, Vancouver (Men)2343±56 2014-07-01 US Open, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Men)2361±56 2014-08-31 ITTF North American Championships, Mississauga (Men)2379±85 2015-07-07 US Open, Las Vegas (Men)2273±83 2015-09-05 ITTF North American Championships, New York (Men)2368±156 2019-07-20 2019 Rocky Mountain State GamesRating History

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