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Beland, Melissa

591±113 2016-11-22 Blitz Tuesday League574±86 2016-12-13 Blitz Tuesday League648±75 2017-01-03 Blitz Tuesday League811±86 2017-01-12 Blitz Thursday Tournament827±83 2017-01-24 Blitz Tuesday League779±66 2017-01-31 Blitz Tuesday League656±48 2017-02-07 Blitz Tuesday League637±44 2017-02-14 Blitz Tuesday League626±40 2017-02-21 Blitz Tuesday League564±38 2017-02-27 Paddle Palace Intermediate League559±36 2017-02-28 Blitz Tuesday Playoffs548±36 2017-03-06 Paddle Palace Intermediate League588±38 2017-03-07 Blitz Tuesday League577±32 2017-03-11 Big MAC Two Person Tournament565±30 2017-03-13 Paddle Palace Intermediate League566±30 2017-03-20 Paddle Palace Intermediate League569±29 2017-03-21 Blitz Tuesday League588±30 2017-03-28 Blitz Tuesday League592±33 2017-04-04 Blitz Tuesday League576±29 2017-04-10 Paddle Palace Intermediate League579±30 2017-04-19 Blitz Playoffs623±55 2017-05-09 Blitz Tuesday League620±44 2017-07-12 Pure Pong636±44 2017-07-19 Pure Pong Wednesday League631±38 2017-07-26 Pure Pong Wednesday League628±37 2017-08-16 Pure Pong Wednesday League636±36 2017-08-23 Pure Pong Wednesday League646±35 2017-08-30 Pure Pong Wednesday League Finals799±87 2018-01-03 Pure Pong Pre League775±69 2018-01-17 Pure Pong Wednesday League735±47 2018-02-07 Pure Pong Wednesday League726±39 2018-02-14 Pure Pong Wednesday League806±65 2018-05-09 Pure Pong Wednesday League771±44 2018-05-23 Pure Pong Wednesday League758±39 2018-05-30 Pure Pong Wednsday League768±37 2018-06-06 Pure Pong Wednesday League733±35 2018-06-13 Pure Pong Wednesday League729±34 2018-06-20 Pure Pong Wednesday League739±33 2018-06-27 Pure Pong Wednesday League746±36 2018-07-23 Pure Pong Monday League730±34 2018-07-25 Pure Pong Wednesday League753±34 2018-07-30 Pure Pong Monday League748±31 2018-08-01 Pure Pong Wednesday League740±33 2018-08-15 Pue Pong Wednesday League743±34 2018-08-29 Pure Pong Wednesday League737±35 2018-09-05 Pure Pong Wednesday Pre League711±33 2018-09-12 Pure Pong Wednesday League728±40 2018-10-08 Pure Pong Monday League751±41 2018-10-10 Pure Pong Wednesday League736±35 2018-10-17 Pure Pong Wednesday League751±34 2018-10-24 Pure Pong Wednesday League743±36 2018-11-28 Pure Pong Wednesday League753±37 2018-12-19 Pure Pong Wednesday League759±36 2019-01-09 Pure Pong Wednesday League771±34 2019-01-23 Pure Pong Wednesday League755±34 2019-02-06 Pure Pong Wednesday League768±37 2019-03-06 Pure Pong Wednesday League765±34 2019-03-13 Pure Pong Wednesday League752±34 2019-03-27 Pure Pong Wednesday League763±34 2019-04-10 Pure Pong Wednesday League767±33 2019-04-17 Pure Pong Wednesday League775±33 2019-04-24 Pure Pong Wednesday League769±34 2019-05-06 Pure Pong Monday League786±35 2019-05-13 Pure Pong Monday League771±36 2019-06-03 Pure Pong Monday League793±37 2019-06-10 Pure Pong Monday League797±36 2019-06-17 Pure Pong Monday League786±35 2019-06-26 Pure Pong Monday League788±32 2019-06-27 Pure Pong Wednesday League806±37 2019-07-15 Pure Pong Monday League797±32 2019-07-17 Pure Pong Wednesday League801±33 2019-07-29 Pure Pong Monday League784±33 2019-08-05 Pure Pong Monday League787±35 2019-08-19 Pure Pong Monday League769±45 2019-11-11 Pure Pong Monday League777±42 2019-11-18 Pure Pong Monday League779±41 2019-11-25 Pure Pong Monday League788±39 2019-12-02 Pure Pong Monday League782±40 2020-01-06 Pure Pong Monday League767±39 2020-01-13 Pure Pong Monday League769±41 2020-02-10 Pure Pong Monday League752±40 2020-02-17 Pure Pong Monday League782±39 2020-03-09 Pure Pong Monday League716±57 2020-10-04 Paddle Palace Club: Super Sunday LeagueRating History

In the rating history graph, the red solid line is the player’s rating, and the blue dotted lines are ±1 standard deviation. Click a red dot to see the player’s results for that event.

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