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Miller, Greg

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2018-02-15Minnesota Super League Teams Week 11324±41−81316±39
2018-01-11Thursday Super League1336±37−121324±34
2017-12-14Minnesota Super League S1 - Week71343±35−71336±32
2017-12-07Minnesota Super League S1- Week 61336±36+71343±33
2017-11-30Minnesota Super League S1- Week 51352±36−161336±34
2017-11-16Minnesota Super League S1 - Week 41367±38−151352±34
2017-11-09Minnesota Super League S1 - Week 31377±38−101367±36
2017-11-02Minnesota Super League S1 - Week 21376±42+11377±36
2017-11-02Super League Week 21339±50+371376±42
2017-10-26Super League Week 11363±58−241339±49
2017-06-01Minnesota Team League1372±39−91363±37
2017-05-25Minnesota Team League1356±39+161372±38
2017-05-11Minnesota Team League1356±3601356±36
2017-05-02Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1354±35+21356±35
2017-04-27Minnesota Team League1380±36−261354±34
2017-04-25Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1379±36+11380±36
2017-04-20Minnesota Team League1378±35+11379±35
2017-04-18Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1379±36−11378±34
2017-04-04Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1379±3301379±33
2017-03-30Minnesota Team League1366±32+131379±32
2017-03-28Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1380±32−141366±32
2017-03-23Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 8)1400±33−201380±31
2017-03-16Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 7)1399±35+11400±32
2017-03-14Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1398±35+11399±34
2017-03-02Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 5)1382±35+161398±32
2017-02-28Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1381±34+11382±34
2017-02-23Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 4)1378±34+31381±33
2017-02-21Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1377±33+11378±33
2017-02-09Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 2)1374±32+31377±31
2017-02-07Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1387±32−131374±32
2017-02-02Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 1)1378±33+91387±31
2017-01-26Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 8)1377±32+11378±31
2017-01-24Minnesota Tuesday Teams1377±3101377±31
2017-01-19Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 7)1390±32−131377±30
2017-01-12Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 6)1392±33−21390±30
2017-01-05Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 5)1390±33+21392±31
2016-12-17Minnesota Saturday Open1391±31−11390±28
2016-12-15Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 2)1403±33−121391±31
2016-12-08Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 1)1399±35+41403±31
2016-12-01Minnesota Super League(Session 1 - Week 8)1417±35−181399±33
2016-11-17Minnesota Super League(Session 1 - Week 7)1418±36−11417±33
2016-11-10Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 6)1421±37−31418±34
2016-10-27Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 4)1444±37−231421±34
2016-10-20Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 3)1441±41+31444±36
2016-10-13Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 2)1457±44−161441±39
2016-09-24Minnesota Saturday Open1433±48+241457±41
2016-07-16Minnesota Saturday Open1463±41−301433±37
2016-05-26Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 8)1454±33+91463±31
2016-05-19Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 7)1462±32−81454±31
2016-05-12Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 6)1472±33−101462±31
2016-04-28Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1481±33−91472±30
2016-04-21Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1479±33+21481±31
2016-04-14Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1471±34+81479±32
2016-03-31Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1476±33−51471±31
2016-03-24Minnsota Super League (Session 3 - Week 7)1457±34+191476±31
2016-03-17Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 6)1435±35+221457±33
2016-03-10Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 5)1428±37+71435±34
2016-03-03Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1436±38−81428±35
2016-02-25Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1432±37+41436±36
2016-02-04Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1428±36+41432±33
2016-01-28Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 7)1422±37+61428±35
2016-01-21Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 6)1435±38−131422±36
2016-01-14Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 5)1465±40−301435±36
2015-12-17Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 3)1474±39−91465±35
2015-12-10Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 2)1469±41+51474±38
2015-12-03Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 1)1465±41+41469±40
2015-11-12Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 7)1524±40−591465±38
2015-11-05Minnesota Super League(Session 1 Week 6)1522±40+21524±39
2015-10-29Minnesota Super League(Session 1 Week 5)1513±40+91522±38
2015-10-15Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 3)1511±42+21513±37
2015-10-08Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 2)1506±45+51511±41
2015-10-01Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 1)1497±55+91506±44
2015-09-22Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1517±55−201497±53
2015-05-14Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 7)1526±37−91517±35
2015-05-07Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 6)1546±38−201526±35
2015-05-022015 Northfield 6th Annual Tournament1561±40−151546±37
2015-04-28Minnsota Tuesday Open RR1560±39+11561±39
2015-04-23Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 4)1558±43+21560±38
2015-04-14Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1557±42+11558±41
2015-03-26Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 8)1552±39+51557±38
2015-03-19Minnsota Super League (Session Three - Week 7)1549±39+31552±38
2015-03-12Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 6)1564±40−151549±38
2015-01-29Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 8)1588±35−241564±33
2015-01-22Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 7)1587±37+11588±34
2015-01-15Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 6)1555±38+321587±35
2014-12-18Minnesota Super League(Session Two - Week 4)1539±35+161555±33
2014-12-11Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 3)1548±35−91539±34
2014-12-04Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 2)1522±36+261548±34
2014-11-20Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 1)1536±36−141522±33
2014-11-13Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 8)1553±37−171536±35
2014-11-06Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 7)1561±37−81553±35
2014-10-30Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 6)1541±38+201561±36
2014-10-23Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 5)1549±38−81541±36
2014-10-09Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 3)1557±40−81549±36
2014-10-02Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 2)1572±44−151557±39
2014-09-18Minnesota Super League1552±48+201572±41
2014-09-16Minnesota Tuesday RR1552±4801552±48
2014-08-24University Of Minnesota Team Tournament1557±46−51552±45
2014-08-19Minnesota Tuesday RR1557±4501557±45
2014-08-072014 Minnesota Senior Games1552±45+51557±44
2014-08-05Minnesota Tuesday RR1552±4401552±44
2014-07-29Minnesota Tuesday RR1552±4301552±43
2014-07-15Minnesota Tuesday RR1552±4101552±41
2014-05-22Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Eight)1563±32−111552±31
2014-05-08Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Six)1570±31−71563±29
2014-05-01Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Five)1582±31−121570±29
2014-04-24Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Four)1576±31+61582±29
2014-04-17Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Three)1579±31−31576±29
2014-04-10Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Two)1575±31+41579±29
2014-04-03Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week One)1578±30−31575±29
2014-03-27Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Eight)1594±31−161578±29
2014-03-25Minnesota Tuesday RR1594±3001594±30
2014-03-20Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Seven)1609±31−151594±29
2014-03-13Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Six)1600±32+91609±29
2014-03-06Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Five)1606±32−61600±30
2014-02-27Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Four)1617±32−111606±31
2014-02-13Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Three)1609±31+81617±29
2014-02-06Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week Two)1601±31+81609±30
2014-01-30Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week One)1597±30+41601±29
2014-01-252014 Minnesota State Championships1601±29−41597±29
2014-01-23Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Eight)1613±30−121601±29
2014-01-16Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Seven)1620±31−71613±28
2014-01-11Minnesota Saturday Open1625±30−51620±29
2014-01-09Minnesota Super League1623±31+21625±29
2014-01-02Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Five)1630±32−71623±29
2013-12-20Minnesota Training Center 8 bit1591±32+391630±29
2013-12-19Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Four)1585±34+61591±31
2013-12-12Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Three)1604±34−191585±32
2013-12-05Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Two)1615±35−111604±33
2013-11-21Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week One)1594±34+211615±32
2013-11-07Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Seven)1582±33+121594±31
2013-11-02Minnesota Saturday Open1566±34+161582±32
2013-10-31Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Six)1569±36−31566±34
2013-10-24Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Five)1567±37+21569±34
2013-10-17Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Four)1550±39+171567±36
2013-10-10Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Three)1545±41+51550±38
2013-10-03Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Two)1500±47+451545±40
2013-09-26Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week One)1553±55−531500±46
2013-05-02Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 7)1561±34−81553±32
2013-04-11Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1561±3101561±29
2013-04-04Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1549±30+121561±29
2013-03-28Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1569±31−201549±29
2013-03-21Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 1)1575±31−61569±29
2013-03-14Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1581±31−61575±30
2013-03-07Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 7)1587±31−61581±29
2013-02-28Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 6)1583±31+41587±29
2013-02-21Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 5)1587±32−41583±29
2013-02-14Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 4)1600±32−131587±30
2013-02-12Minnesota Tuesday RR1600±3201600±32
2013-02-07Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 3)1592±33+81600±30
2013-02-05Minnesota Tuesday RR1592±3201592±32
2013-01-17Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 8)1587±30+51592±28
2013-01-10Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 7)1582±30+51587±28
2013-01-05Minnesota Saturday Open1579±29+31582±28
2013-01-03Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 6)1575±30+41579±29
2012-12-27Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 5)1577±30−21575±28
2012-12-20Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 4)1566±30+111577±28
2012-12-13Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 3)1571±30−51566±28
2012-12-06Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 2)1568±30+31571±28
2012-11-29Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 1)1575±31−71568±29
2012-11-15Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 8)1562±29+131575±27
2012-11-08Minnesota Super League (Session 1, Week 7)1574±28−121562±27
2012-11-032012 Minnesota Fall Classic1594±29−201574±27
2012-11-01Minnesota Super League1572±30+221594±28
2012-10-27Minnesota Saturday Open1569±30+31572±29
2012-10-25Minnesota Super League (Session 1, Week 5)1573±30−41569±29
2012-10-20Minnesota Saturday Open1573±3101573±29
2012-10-18Minnesota Super League (Session 1, Week 4)1593±33−201573±30
2012-10-13Minnesota Saturday Open1574±33+191593±32
2012-10-11Minnesota Super League (Session 1, Week 3)1554±35+201574±33
2012-10-06Minnesota Saturday Open1536±36+181554±34
2012-10-04Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Two)1549±41−131536±36
2012-09-27Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week One)1546±44+31549±40
2012-09-22Minnesota Saturday Open1562±47−161546±43
2012-08-11Minnesota Saturday Open1558±44+41562±41
2012-06-23Minnesota Saturday Open1585±38−271558±36
2012-06-09Minnesota Saturday Open1583±38+21585±36
2012-06-02Minnesota Saturday Open1577±40+61583±37
2012-04-17Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1575±31+21577±31
2012-04-10Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1571±30+41575±30
2012-04-03Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1568±29+31571±29
2012-03-27Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1575±28−71568±27
2012-03-22Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 7)1580±28−51575±27
2012-03-20Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1579±28+11580±28
2012-03-15Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 6)1569±29+101579±27
2012-03-13Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1569±2801569±28
2012-03-08Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 5)1567±29+21569±27
2012-03-06Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1566±28+11567±28
2012-03-01Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 4)1564±28+21566±27
2012-02-28Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1561±28+31564±28
2012-02-25Minnesota Saturday Open1561±2801561±27
2012-02-23Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 Wk 3)1545±29+161561±27
2012-02-16Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 - Wk 2)1551±29−61545±27
2012-02-14Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1550±28+11551±28
2012-02-09Minnesota Super League (Sess 3 - Wk 1)1551±29−11550±27
2012-02-07Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1547±29+41551±28
2012-02-02Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 8)1543±29+41547±28
2012-01-31Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1545±30−21543±28
2012-01-26Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 7)1532±30+131545±28
2012-01-24Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1539±30−71532±29
2012-01-19Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 6)1540±31−11539±29
2012-01-17Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1532±31+81540±30
2012-01-12Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 6)1541±31−91532±30
2012-01-10Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1532±32+91541±31
2012-01-05Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 5)1563±33−311532±30
2012-01-03Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1561±33+21563±32
2011-12-31Minnesota Saturday Open1558±33+31561±32
2011-12-27Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1554±33+41558±33
2011-12-20Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1551±32+31554±32
2011-12-17Minnesota Saturday Open1558±33−71551±31
2011-12-15Minnesota Super League (Sess 2 Wk 2)1565±35−71558±32
2011-12-13Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1580±36−151565±34
2011-12-08Minnesota Super League (Ses 2 Wk 1)1582±37−21580±35
2011-12-06Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1590±39−81582±37
2011-11-29Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1583±39+71590±38
2011-11-17Minnesota Super League1585±40−21583±37
2011-11-15Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1570±41+151585±40
2011-11-12Minnesota Saturday Open1590±45−201570±41
2011-11-08Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1570±46+201590±44
2011-11-01Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1575±52−51570±45
2011-10-25Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1596±59−211575±51
2011-10-22Minnesota Saturday Open1602±62−61596±59
2011-10-18Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1646±80−441602±62
2011-10-11Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1745±103−991646±79
2011-10-04Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1740±106+51745±103
2011-09-27Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1734±109+61740±105
2009-10-06Minnesota Tuesday Elite, Competition and Community1746±53−121734±46
2009-09-29Minnesota Tuesday Elite Competition & Community1741±53+51746±52
2009-09-22Minnesota Tuesday Elite, Competition and Community1761±58−201741±52
2009-05-19Minnesota Tuesday Open1790±49−291761±41
2009-05-05Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1813±50−231790±47
2009-04-28Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1843±54−301813±49
2009-04-21Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1839±54+41843±53
2009-04-07Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1838±52+11839±52
2009-03-31Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1837±52+11838±51
2009-03-24Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1836±51+11837±51
2009-03-10Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1831±50+51836±49
2009-03-03Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1820±50+111831±49
2009-02-24Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1808±51+121820±49
2009-02-17Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1805±51+31808±50
2009-02-10Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1802±51+31805±50
2009-02-03Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1800±50+21802±50
2009-01-27Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1797±50+31800±49
2009-01-20Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1789±50+81797±49
2009-01-13Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1786±50+31789±49
2009-01-10Minnesota Saturday Open1812±56−261786±50
2009-01-06Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues---North1850±62−381812±56
2008-12-16Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1892±69−421850±60
2008-12-09Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1879±72+131892±68
2008-12-02Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1877±72+21879±71
2008-11-18Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1871±73+61877±70
2008-11-04Minnesota Elite and Competition leagues--North1868±73+31871±71
2008-10-28Minnesota Elite and Competition Leagues--North1863±73+51868±72
2008-10-21Minnesota Elite and Competition leagues-North1856±76+71863±73
2007-11-29Minnesota Super League1855±38+11856±37
2007-11-15Minnesota Super League1871±38−161855±36
2007-11-08Minnesota Super League1866±38+51871±37
2007-10-272007 Porky’s Fall Classic1871±38−51866±36
2007-10-25Minnesota Super League1871±4001871±37
2007-10-20Minnesota Saturday Open1903±44−321871±39
2007-10-18Minnesota Super League1891±46+121903±44
2007-10-11Minnesota Super League1898±50−71891±45
2007-10-04Minnesota Super League1901±56−31898±49
2007-07-21Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1905±55−41901±47
2007-04-14Minnesota Saturday Round Robin1924±44−191905±41
2007-03-08TTM Super League1940±40−161924±38
2007-02-22TTM Super League1931±39+91940±37
2007-02-15TTM Super League1937±40−61931±37
2007-02-08TTM Super League1981±46−311950±42
2007-02-01TTM Super League1964±48+171981±45
2007-01-25TTM Super League1966±48−21964±46
2007-01-20Saturday Round Robin Tournament1967±48−11966±47
2007-01-18TTM Super League1949±51+181967±48
2007-01-11TTM Super League1950±52−11949±50
2007-01-06Saturday Round Robin Tournament1967±58−171950±51
2007-01-04TTM Super League1977±61−101967±57
2006-11-11Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1973±60+41977±55
2006-09-30Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1994±66−211973±55
2006-09-23Saturday Round-Robin Tournament1953±79+411994±65
2006-08-19Saturday Round-Robin Tournament2050±100−971953±76

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