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Brossier, Benjamin

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2018-04-06PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 152600±46−172583±44
2018-04-03PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 142592±47+82600±45
2018-03-30PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 132594±47−22592±47
2018-03-16ETTU Cup (Men, SF1)2604±47−102594±45
2018-03-13PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 122582±49+222604±46
2018-02-23ETTU Cup (Men, QF2)2556±50+262582±46
2018-02-21PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 112530±54+262556±49
2018-02-16ETTU Cup (Men, QF1)2489±56+412530±53
2018-02-06PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 102492±56−32489±54
2018-01-30PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 92494±55−22492±55
2018-01-28ETTU Cup (Men, Stage 4, Leg 2)2482±58+122494±55
2018-01-12ETTU Cup (Men, Stage 4, Leg 1)2486±57−42482±56
2017-12-16ETTU Cup (Men, Stage 3, Leg 2)2467±58+192486±54
2017-12-12PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 82474±59−72467±58
2017-11-25ETTU Cup (Men, Stage 3, Leg 1)2472±58+22474±57
2017-11-21PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 62488±60−162472±57
2017-10-24PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 42492±58−42488±57
2017-10-17PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 32498±58−62492±57
2017-10-10PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 22500±58−22498±58
2017-09-26PRO A - Messieurs (French First League) Round 12504±58−42500±56
2017-09-19World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2563±59−592504±57
2017-08-22World Tour Czech Open (Men)2529±60+342563±56
2017-08-15World Tour Bulgaria Open (Men)2559±64−302529±59
2017-06-20World Tour China Open (Men)2560±58−12559±58
2017-06-14World Tour Japan Open (Men)2550±64+102560±57
2017-04-26Challenge Series Slovenian Open (Men)2580±63−302550±58
2017-02-21World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2619±61−392580±55
2017-01-17World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2657±61−382619±57
2016-12-13Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R4)2657±5702657±57
2016-11-28ETTU Cup (Men, Stage 3)2657±5502657±55
2016-11-16World Tour Swedish Open (Men)2658±55−12657±53
2016-11-09World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2672±57−142658±54
2016-10-18European Championships (Men)2679±60−72672±55
2016-06-22World Tour Korea Open (Men)2690±47−112679±45
2016-06-15World Tour Japan Open (Men)2647±51+432690±46
2016-05-24World Tour Croatia Zagreb Open (Men)2655±50−82647±48
2016-04-20World Tour Polish Open (Men)2667±48−122655±45
2016-04-01ETTU Cup (Men, SF2)2670±46−32667±45
2016-03-23World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2685±46−152670±44
2016-03-11ETTU Cup (Men, SF1)2665±47+202685±44
2016-03-06World Team Table Tennis Championships 20162673±48−82665±46
2016-01-25ETTU Cup (Men, QF2)2668±44+52673±42
2016-01-16ETTU Cup (Men, QF1)2656±45+122668±43
2015-12-10World Tour Grand Finals (Men)2658±43−22656±39
2015-11-11World Tour Swedish Open (Men)2616±43+422658±38
2015-11-01ETTU Cup (Men, 3rd Stage)2632±42−162616±41
2015-10-21World Tour Polish Open (Men)2608±47+242632±41
2015-09-02World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2586±45+222608±39
2015-08-26World Tour Czech Open (Men)2604±47−182586±44
2015-08-05World Tour China Open (Men)2602±47+22604±43
2015-07-01World Tour Korea Open (Men)2614±45−122602±42
2015-06-24World Tour Japan Open (Men)2648±48−342614±44
2015-05-19World Tour Croatia Open (Men)2647±45+12648±42
2015-03-25World Tour Spanish Open (Men)2691±38−442647±36
2015-03-18World Tour German Open (Men)2689±42+22691±37
2015-02-17World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2643±41+462689±37
2015-02-11World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2642±47+12643±40
2015-01-28World Tour Hungarian Open (Men)2592±57+502642±45
2014-11-28European Champions League (Men, R5)2609±51−172592±49
2014-11-21European Champions League (Men, R4)2576±52+332609±50
2014-11-12World Tour Swedish Open (Men)2604±52−282576±50
2014-09-10World Tour Flanders Belgium Open (Men)2617±47−132604±43
2014-09-06European Champions League (Men, R1)2617±4602617±46
2014-09-02French First League2619±50−22617±45
2014-06-18World Tour Japan Open (Men)2612±42+72619±38
2014-06-11World Tour Korea Open (Men)2628±44−162612±41
2014-05-21World Tour Zagreb Open (Men)2630±46−22628±41
2014-04-02World Tour Spanish Open (Men)2650±41−202630±38
2014-03-26World Tour German Open (Men)2652±42−22650±40
2014-03-09European Champions League (Men, SF1)2656±39−42652±39
2014-03-02French Cup2653±40+32656±38
2014-02-18World Tour Qatar Open (Men)2628±43+252653±37
2014-02-12World Tour Kuwait Open (Men)2644±45−162628±42
2014-01-01Franch First League2642±42+22644±38
2013-12-06European Champions League (Men, R4)2642±3802642±38
2013-11-27World Tour Swedish Open (Men)2636±40+62642±36
2013-11-13World Tour German Open (Men)2592±43+442636±37
2013-11-06World Tour Polish Open (Men)2609±45−172592±41
2013-10-01French First League2617±49−82609±40
2013-09-06European Champions League (Men, R1)2617±4602617±46
2013-08-21World Tour Czech Open (Men)2635±47−182617±43
2013-08-08World Tour Brazil Open (Men)2644±51−92635±44
2013-07-062013 Universiade2647±49−32644±47
2013-06-06World Tour Zagreb Open (Men)2682±48−352647±44
2013-05-05Tournoi de Cognac 20132689±44−72682±43
2013-04-282013 French Championship2663±47+262689±43
2013-02-10Swiss Table Tennis Open2674±36−112663±34
2013-01-23World Tour Austrian Open (Men)2685±35−112674±32
2013-01-17World Tour Spanish Open (Men)2699±36−142685±34
2013-01-02French First League2596±45+1032699±33
2012-12-02Finland Open2626±45−302596±40
2012-11-07World Tour Polish Open (Men)2643±49−172626±41
2012-10-31World Tour German Open (Men)2618±60+252643±48
2012-10-02French First League2524±60+942618±56
2012-09-08ETTU Cup 2012-2013 First Phase2548±61−242524±58
2012-06-224th Hasan II Morocco Open (Men)2530±64+182548±52
2012-05-20ETTU Cup (Men, F2)2530±6002530±60
2012-04-18French Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2533±60−32530±57
2012-04-02French First League2534±58−12533±58
2012-02-22Swedish Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2545±55−112534±54
2012-01-14ETTU Cup (Men, QF1)2547±51−22545±50
2011-12-1122nd Finlandia Open2526±62+212547±46
2011-10-19Pro Tour Swedish Open (Men)2489±65+372526±56
2011-04-27French Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2487±44+22489±43
2011-04-06Pro Tour Spanish Open (Men)2465±45+222487±41
2011-03-16Pro Tour Polish Open (Men)2450±46+152465±42
2011-03-02Italian Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2445±48+52450±44
2011-01-28ETTU Europe Youth Top-10 (Junior Boys)2482±56−372445±43
2011-01-05European Nations League (Men)2491±55−92482±53
2010-12-04Volkswagen World Junior Championships (Boys)2453±55+382491±51
2010-11-18Serbian Open2453±5302453±53
2010-11-01Global Cadet Challenge & Jr Circuit Finals (Boys)2481±62−282453±51
2010-09-23Chile Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2455±62+262481±57
2010-05-26Polish Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2468±51−132455±48
2010-04-14French Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2455±47+132468±45
2010-03-25Italian Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2449±51+62455±44
2010-02-24Swedish Junior & Cadet Open (Boys)2440±51+92449±47
2010-02-18Hungarian Junior Open (Boys)2395±63+452440±50
2009-12-22French First League2397±57−22395±56
2009-12-04Finland Open2400±65−32397±54
2009-11-15French Criterium2341±67+592400±63
2009-11-04French First League2364±71−232341±66
2009-10-20French First League2368±71−42364±69
2009-10-14French Criterium2337±75+312368±70
2009-09-23French First League2265±78+722337±73
2009-05-27Polish Junior Open (Boys)2138±92+1272265±67
2009-05-13French Junior Open (Boys)1800±350+3382138±91

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