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Winter, Sabine

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2020-01-28ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2253±82+382291±76
2019-10-08ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Bremen (Women)2251±7202251±69
2019-09-03ITTF European Championships, Nantes (Women)2239±71+112250±68
2019-08-20ITTF World Tour Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2228±73+102238±69
2019-04-21World Table Tennis Championships, Budapest (Women)2268±60−432225±57
2019-03-26ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2253±60+152268±56
2019-03-20ITTF Challenge Spanish Open, Guadalajara (Women)2276±64−232253±59
2019-02-13ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Women)2324±63−492275±59
2019-01-15ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2324±65−12323±59
2018-11-06World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)2326±56−32323±55
2018-11-01World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2367±67−412326±56
2018-09-18ITTF European Championships, Alicante (Women)2368±78−22366±61
2018-08-23World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2257±64+1102367±75
2018-08-16World Tour, Bulgarian Open, Panagyurishte (Women)2257±6502257±63
2018-04-29World Team Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad (Women)2268±62−132255±49
2018-04-04ITTF Challenge Slovenian Open, Otocec (Women)2260±61+72267±58
2018-03-23World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2262±60−22260±59
2018-03-08World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2279±64−172262±58
2018-02-03ITTF Europe Top 16 Cup, Montreux (Women)2236±62+432279±59
2018-01-18World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2257±67−212236±60
2017-11-07World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2258±60−32255±57
2017-10-27Women’s World Cup, Markham2295±68−372258±59
2017-10-04ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2356±70−612295±65
2017-09-13ITTF European Team Championships, Luxembourg (Women)2424±73−692355±67
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Women)2465±65−432422±58
2017-02-03ITTF Europe Cup, Antibes (Women)2442±65+212463±48
2016-11-01Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R2)2440±5102440±51
2016-11-012017 European Championships Qualification, 2nd round (Women)2439±52+12440±51
2016-10-18ITTF European Championships, Budapest (Women)2450±55−122438±49
2016-10-07Women’s World Cup, Philadelphia2431±61+192450±53
2016-08-31World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2451±65−212430±55
2016-04-20World Tour, Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2413±50+352448±44
2016-02-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Kuala Lumpur (Women)2402±47+102412±40
2016-02-05ITTF Europe Top 16 Cup, Gondomar (Women)2391±56+112402±43
2016-01-27World Tour, German Open, Berlin (Women)2381±65+102391±55
2015-11-11GAC Group World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2387±57−72380±54
2015-09-25ITTF European Table Tennis Championships, Ekaterinburg (Women)2411±55−252386±50
2015-09-02GAC Group World Tour, Austrian Open, Wels (Women)2403±60+72410±52
2015-08-26GAC Group World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2428±69−252403±59
2015-05-19GAC Group World Tour, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2355±62+712426±55
2015-04-26World Table Tennis Championships, Suzhou (Women)2355±59−12354±59
2015-03-25GAC Group World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2381±59−272354±54
2015-03-18GAC Group World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2385±59−42381±57
2015-02-17GAC Group World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2375±58+102385±55
2015-02-11GAC Group World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2364±61+112375±57
2015-01-28GAC Group World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2398±64−342364±59
2015-01-08Team World Cup, Dubai (Women)2398±6402398±61
2014-11-12World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2411±60−142397±56
2014-09-24European Team Table Tennis Championships, Lisbon (Women)2424±57−142410±52
2014-08-27World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2404±62+202424±53
2014-04-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Tokyo (Women)2410±49−82402±42
2014-04-02World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2370±52+392409±44
2014-03-26World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2395±55−252370±51
2014-02-12World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2386±53+82394±48
2014-01-29World Tour, Hungarian Open, Szombathely (Women)2379±57+62385±50
2013-11-13World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2388±49−112377±43
2013-11-06World Tour, Polish Open, Spala (Women)2375±56+132388±48
2013-09-12Euro - Africa, Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)2372±58+22374±47
2013-08-21World Tour, Czeck Open, Olomouc (Women)2322±82+502372±55
2013-03-11European Championships Qualifications (Women, R5)2294±60+252319±62
2012-12-06World Tour, Grand Finals, Hangzhou (Women)2300±47−82292±44
2012-11-07World Tour, Polish Open, Poznan (Women)2321±46−212300±42
2012-10-31World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2376±55−552321±44
2012-10-17European Championships, Herning (Women)2324±54+522376±53
2012-09-12World Tour, Russian Open, Ekaterinburg (Women)2315±51+92324±48
2012-08-29World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2332±57−172315±48
2012-05-23World Tour, China Open, Shanghai (Women)2301±46+292330±39
2012-05-16World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon (Women)2321±51−202301±44
2012-03-25World Team Table Tennis Championships, Dortmund (Women)2300±49+202320±42
2012-02-07World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2321±45−212300±40
2012-01-25World Tour, Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2348±50−272321±42
2012-01-17World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2364±63−162348±48
2011-11-29European Nations League (F2, Women)2360±56+32363±56
2011-11-19Swiss Table Tennis Open, Lausanne (Women)2301±52+592360±55
2011-10-19Pro Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2303±53−32300±46
2011-10-08European Championships, Gdansk (Women)2288±53+152303±51
2011-09-21Pro Tour Austrian Open, Vienna (Women)2323±61−352288±50
2011-09-05JOOLA European Nations League ’11 - Premier, venue1 (Women)2287±67+362323±59
2011-05-08World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam (Women)2285±50−12284±49
2011-04-18European Nations League (SF2, Women)2274±47+112285±46
2011-03-26European Nations League (SF1, Women)2265±44+92274±43
2011-03-16Pro Tour Polish Open, Wladyslawowo (Women)2321±50−562265±42
2011-03-01European Nations League (Women)2322±48−12321±47
2011-02-23Pro Tour German Open, Dortmund (Women)2306±52+162322±47
2011-01-18Pro Tour Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2284±51+212305±45
2010-12-04World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Bratislava (Girls)2283±5402283±43
2010-11-23European Nations League (Women)2283±5202283±52
2010-10-20Pro Tour Austrian Open, Wels (Women)2272±51+102282±46
2010-09-11European Championships, Ostrava (Women)2280±48−92271±44
2010-09-05JOOLA European Nations League ’10 - Premier, venue1 (Women)2281±47−12280±47
2010-08-18Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2269±48+122281±44
2010-07-16European Youth Championships, Istanbul (Girls)2302±56−332269±42
2010-05-23World Team Table Tennis Championships, Moscow (Women)2272±48+292301±47
2010-04-08JOOLA German Junior Open, Seligenstadt (Girls)2282±49−112271±39
2010-03-18Pro Tour German Open, Berlin (Women)2277±46+52282±45
2010-03-02European Nations League (Women)2278±43−12277±42
2010-02-17Pro Tour Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2262±42+162278±40
2010-02-09ITTF Junior Circuit Egypt Junior and Cadet Open, Cairo (Girls)2257±48+52262±40
2010-01-22Europe Youth Top 10, Topolcany (Girls)2190±50+662256±45
2009-12-09World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Cartagena de Indias (Girls)2142±58+472189±41
2009-10-28Pro Tour English Open, Sheffield (Women)2169±58−282141±51
2009-09-02ITTF Junior Circuit Funchal Junior and Cadet Open, Funchal (Girls)2193±56−252168±49
2009-05-27ITTF Junior Circuit Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Cetniewo (Girls)2189±41+22191±38
2009-05-21ITTF Junior Circuit Slovakia Junior and Cadet Open, Bratislava (Girls)2202±48−142188±40
2009-05-06ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Girls)2210±51−82202±45
2009-03-19Pro Tour German Open, Bremen (Women)2211±49−22209±42
2009-02-26ITTF Junior Circuit Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Tata (Girls)2190±57+212211±45
2009-02-11Pro Tour Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2159±69+302189±55
2008-12-06World Junior Championships, Madrid (Girls)2151±74+62157±60
2008-10-29Pro Tour ERKE Austrian Open, Salzburg (Women)2156±91−52151±69
2008-04-29ITTF Junior Circuit Tunisian Junior and Cadet Open, Tunis (Girls)1983±88+1692152±71
2008-02-20Safir International, Orebro (Girls)1941±115+411982±80
2008-01-05German Junior Open, Seligenstadt (Girls)1950±300−101940±111

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