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Kusinska, Klaudia

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2019-12-14ETTU Cup (Women, 4th Stage Leg 2)2087±76−172070±70
2019-12-07ETTU Cup (Women, 4th Stage Leg 1)2111±84−242087±76
2019-11-09ETTU Cup (Women, 3rd Stage Leg 2)2092±86+192111±81
2019-11-01ETTU Cup (Women, 3rd Stage Leg 1)2047±97+452092±85
2019-09-03ITTF European Championships, Nantes (Women)2115±114−702045±92
2018-04-10ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2112±68−72105±65
2018-03-14ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Spala (Women)2136±74−252111±65
2018-01-18World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2158±76−232135±67
2017-09-13ITTF European Team Championships, Luxembourg (Women)2160±63−52155±60
2017-08-22Universiade, Taipei (Women)2118±70+422160±60
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Women)2139±64−232116±58
2017-05-02ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2248±65−1092139±60
2017-03-15ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)2258±65−112247±58
2017-01-17World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2217±68+402257±56
2016-12-13Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R4)2216±6302216±63
2016-12-132017 European Championships Qualification, 4th round (Women)2216±6302216±63
2016-11-09World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)2267±70−512216±58
2016-10-18ITTF European Championships, Budapest (Women)2216±78+502266±68
2016-09-27Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R1)2216±7602216±76
2016-09-272017 European Championships Qualification, 1st round (Women)2215±76+12216±76
2016-04-20World Tour, Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2229±59−172212±54
2016-02-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Kuala Lumpur (Women)2247±62−192228±51
2016-01-20World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2245±66+12246±56
2015-12-19Second Poland Senior Women Grand Prix 2015/20162285±69−412244±61
2015-10-21GAC Group World Tour, Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2248±68+362284±61
2015-10-17First Poland Senior Women Grand Prix2187±79+602247±67
2015-07-06Universiade, Gwangju (Women)2115±96+702185±66
2014-11-12World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2190±78−792111±71
2014-04-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Tokyo (Women)2192±58−52187±52
2014-03-26World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2179±56+122191±53
2014-01-29World Tour, Hungarian Open, Szombathely (Women)2157±57+212178±46
2013-11-13World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2168±49−122156±43
2013-11-06World Tour, Polish Open, Spala (Women)2148±57+202168±48
2013-09-12Euro - Africa, Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)2136±56+112147±47
2013-08-21World Tour, Czeck Open, Olomouc (Women)2130±61+62136±52
2013-06-06Euro - Africa, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2101±70+282129±49
2013-01-23World Tour, Austrian Open, Wels (Women)2118±63−202098±51
2012-11-07World Tour, Polish Open, Poznan (Women)2044±55+722116±52
2012-10-31World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2023±64+212044±54
2012-08-29World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2135±80−1132022±55
2012-01-25World Tour, Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2133±57−22131±52
2011-11-13World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Manama (Girls)2132±4702132±45
2011-10-19Pro Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2126±45+62132±42
2011-10-08European Championships, Gdansk (Women)2126±4302126±43
2011-09-21Pro Tour Austrian Open, Vienna (Women)2129±47−32126±40
2011-09-05JOOLA European Nations League ’11 - Premier, venue1 (Women)2126±44+32129±44
2011-08-24Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2108±42+182126±41
2011-07-15European Youth Championships, Kazan (Girls)2124±46−172107±33
2011-05-25ITTF Junior Circuit Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Wladyslawowo (Girls)2148±42−252123±35
2011-04-18Austria Junior and Cadet Open, Linz (Girls)2147±3902147±33
2011-03-31ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Hungarian Junior Open, Tata (Girls)2143±42+42147±35
2011-03-16Pro Tour Polish Open, Wladyslawowo (Women)2114±41+292143±38
2011-03-01European Nations League (Women)2109±38+52114±37
2011-02-23Pro Tour German Open, Dortmund (Women)2103±41+62109±36
2011-02-02ITTF Junior Circuit Czech Junior and Cadet Open, Hodonin (Girls)2106±37−42102±36
2011-01-28Europe Youth Top 10, Schwechat (Girls)2148±48−422106±36
2010-12-04World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Bratislava (Girls)2151±44−42147±37
2010-11-23European Nations League (Women)2158±43−72151±41
2010-11-10Pro Tour Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2158±4602158±40
2010-10-30Global Cadet Challenge - Global Junior Circuit Final, Hyderabad (Girls)2134±47+232157±44
2010-10-13Pro Tour Hungarian Open, Budaors (Women)2160±47−272133±44
2010-09-05JOOLA European Nations League ’10 - Premier, venue1 (Women)2166±42−72159±39
2010-08-18Pro Tour Harmony China Open, Suzhou (Women)2143±41+232166±37
2010-07-16European Youth Championships, Istanbul (Girls)2143±4502143±33
2010-05-26ITTF Junior Circuit Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Cetniewo (Girls)2135±38+72142±33
2010-05-05ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Girls)2135±3902135±33
2010-04-08JOOLA German Junior Open, Seligenstadt (Girls)2129±37+52134±32
2010-03-25ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Italian Junior and Cadet Open, Lignano (Girls)2134±42−52129±34
2010-02-24ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Swedish Junior and Cadet Open, Orebro (Girls)2136±38−22134±36
2010-02-18ITTF Junior Circuit Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Tata (Girls)2158±51−222136±36
2010-02-09ITTF Junior Circuit Egypt Junior and Cadet Open, Cairo (Girls)2081±49+772158±50
2010-01-19Pro Tour Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2076±48+42080±45
2009-12-09World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Cartagena de Indias (Girls)2064±50+112075±40
2009-11-25Pro Tour Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2089±53−252064±48
2009-10-28Pro Tour English Open, Sheffield (Women)2097±55−92088±49
2009-09-02ITTF Junior Circuit Funchal Junior and Cadet Open, Funchal (Girls)2105±56−92096±45
2009-05-27ITTF Junior Circuit Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Cetniewo (Girls)2144±52−412103±38
2009-05-06ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Girls)2092±53+512143±48
2009-03-12ITTF Junior Circuit Malta Junior and Cadet Open, Cottonera (Girls)2099±46−82091±43
2009-02-26ITTF Junior Circuit Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Tata (Girls)2132±49−342098±43
2009-01-21Pro Tour Danish Open, Frederikshavn (Women)2136±48−42132±42
2009-01-13Pro Tour Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2148±55−122136±46
2008-12-06World Junior Championships, Madrid (Girls)2136±54+112147±48
2008-11-26Pro Tour Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2109±65+262135±52
2008-10-28ITTF Junior Circuit Finals and ITTF Cadet Challenge, Helsingborg (Girls)2085±75+242109±61
2008-06-04ITTF Junior Circuit French Junior and Cadet Open, Vern sur Seiche (Girls)2073±63+92082±55
2008-05-28Polish Youth Open, Cetniewo (Girls)2076±77−32073±62
2008-02-20Safir International, Orebro (Girls)2037±81+372074±65
2008-01-05German Junior Open, Seligenstadt (Girls)1771±187+2662037±76
2006-02-22ITTF Junior Circuit Swedish Junior and Cadet Open, Orebro (Girls)1950±300−1921758±153

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