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Desai, Harmeet

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2020-03-11ITTF Challenge Plus Oman Open, Muscat (Men)2599±51+312630±45
2020-03-03ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2602±51−32599±49
2020-02-18ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2583±53+192602±48
2020-01-22ITTF World Team Qualification Event, Gondomar (Men)2597±53−152582±48
2019-12-04South Asian Games, Kathmandu (Men)2613±51−172596±44
2019-11-13ITTF Challenge Indonesia Open, Jogjakarta (Men)2562±50+512613±48
2019-10-30ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Men)2574±52−122562±48
2019-10-08ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Bremen (Men)2535±54+382573±48
2019-09-15ITTF - Asian Championships (Teams), Yogyakarta (Men)2576±54−422534±50
2019-09-15ITTF Asian Championships (Singles), Yogyakarta (Men)2579±57−32576±54
2019-08-20ITTF World Tour Czech Open, Olomouc (Men)2568±60+102578±53
2019-07-17Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships, Cuttack (Men)2518±52+502568±54
2019-07-09ITTF World Tour Platinum Australian Open, Geelong (Men)2518±5102518±51
2019-07-02ITTF World Tour Korea Open, Busan (Men)2515±52+32518±50
2019-06-12ITTF World Tour Platinum Japan Open, Sapporo (Men)2519±52−42515±48
2019-06-04ITTF World Tour Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (Men)2532±54−132519±51
2019-05-22ITTF Challenge Thailand Open, Bangkok (Men)2571±53−402531±51
2019-05-01ITTF Challenge Serbia Open, Belgrade (Men)2569±58+22571±49
2019-03-26ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2608±53−402568±52
2019-03-20ITTF Challenge Plus Oman Open, Muscat (Men)2590±59+182608±52
2019-02-13ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Men)2615±61−262589±53
2019-01-15ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2610±59+52615±57
2018-11-14ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Men)2596±57+132609±49
2018-11-06World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Men)2600±57−42596±56
2018-11-01World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2617±63−172600±56
2018-08-18Asian Games, Jakarta (Men)2593±57+222615±51
2018-07-24World Tour, Australian Open, Geelong (Men)2594±54−12593±53
2018-07-19World Tour, Korean Open, Daejeon (Men)2595±54−12594±53
2018-05-24World Tour, Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (Men)2615±47−212594±44
2018-05-16ITTF Challenge Thailand Open, Bangkok (Men)2615±4602615±45
2018-04-29World Team Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad (Men)2582±57+332615±43
2018-03-23World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Men)2551±54+302581±50
2018-03-14ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Spala (Men)2569±56−182551±53
2018-03-08World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2575±58−62569±55
2018-01-18World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2581±59−72574±51
2017-11-13World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2586±50−62580±49
2017-11-07World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Men)2597±53−112586±49
2017-10-04ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Warsaw (Men)2594±51+32597±47
2017-09-19World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Men)2602±50−82594±48
2017-09-15Asian Cup, Ahmedabad (Men)2647±56−452602±50
2017-08-15World Tour, Bulgaria Open, Panagyurishte (Men)2669±55−232646±51
2017-07-02World Tour, Australian Open, Gold Coast (Men)2672±51−42668±48
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Men)2678±47−62672±45
2017-05-02ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb (Men)2643±50+352678±42
2017-04-09ITTF Asian Championships, Wuxi (Men)2638±57+52643±46
2017-03-29ITTF Challenge Thailand Open, Bangkok (Men)2656±61−182638±55
2017-02-14World Tour, India Open, New Delhi (Men)2626±63+292655±55
2016-11-15World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2606±55+182624±49
2016-11-09World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Men)2623±62−182605±54
2016-08-31World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Men)2633±54−112622±51
2016-08-24World Tour, Bulgaria Open, Panagyurishte (Men)2641±61−82633±53
2016-06-22World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon (Men)2663±56−232640±51
2016-06-15World Tour, LAOX Japan Open, Tokyo (Men)2638±59+252663±55
2016-04-13ITTF Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament, Hong Kong (Men)2651±61−142637±49
2016-02-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Kuala Lumpur (Men)2616±63+342650±54
2016-01-27World Tour, German Open, Berlin (Men)2549±56+662615±59
2015-12-1620th Commonwealth Championships, Surat (Men)2601±59−532548±49
2015-09-26ITTF Asian Championships, Pattaya (Men)2620±59−202600±45
2015-09-02GAC Group World Tour, Austrian Open, Wels (Men)2559±61+612620±55
2015-08-26GAC Group World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Men)2556±65+32559±60
2015-06-03GAC Group World Tour, Australia Open, Gold Coast (Men)2550±57+42554±53
2015-05-27GAC Group World Tour, Philippines Open, Subic Bay (Men)2576±69−262550±55
2015-03-18GAC Group World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Men)2595±66−202575±59
2014-11-12World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2607±57−142593±47
2014-09-2717th Asian Games, Incheon (Men)2609±51−32606±49
2014-07-24Commonwealth Games, Glasgow (Men)2610±42−22608±38
2014-06-18World Tour, Japan Open, Yokohama (Men)2609±38+12610±34
2014-06-11World Tour, Korea Open, Incheon (Men)2619±46−102609±36
2014-04-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Tokyo (Men)2641±45−222619±37
2014-04-02World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Men)2660±47−202640±40
2014-03-26World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Men)2665±49−52660±45
2014-02-18World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2637±47+272664±42
2014-02-12World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2614±47+232637±46
2014-01-29World Tour, Hungarian Open, Szombathely (Men)2614±6202614±45
2014-01-183rd Lusofonia Games, Goa (Men)2551±51+632614±60
2013-11-27World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2527±48+232550±41
2013-11-13World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Men)2546±51−192527±45
2013-11-06World Tour, Polish Open, Spala (Men)2549±59−32546±49
2013-08-08Americas, Barzil Open, Santos (Men)2534±51+132547±43
2013-06-30Asian Championships, Busan (Men)2521±45+132534±44
2013-06-19World Tour, Japan Open, Yokohama (Men)2555±48−342521±43
2013-06-12World Tour, China Open, Changchun (Men)2555±5402555±46
2013-05-13World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Men)2553±53+12554±49
2013-05-0519th Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships, New Delhi (Men)2573±62−202553±51
2013-02-20World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2556±56+162572±51
2013-02-14World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2578±65−222556±55
2013-01-03Swedish First League2602±70−252577±59
2012-12-132nd Fajr Cup International Tournament, Tehran (Men)2465±57+1362601±67
2012-10-31World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Men)2432±58+332465±50
2012-10-04Euro - Africa, Egypt Open, Cairo (Men)2465±57−342431±54
2012-09-29Swedish First League2516±78−522464±56
2012-06-13World Tour, Brazil Open, Santos (Men)2431±67+832514±65
2012-01-14Global Cadet Challenge and GJC Finals, San Juan (Boys)2511±51−832428±43
2011-11-13World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Manama (Boys)2525±51−152510±39
2011-10-19Pro Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2479±45+452524±46
2011-10-01Swedish First League2461±42+182479±42
2011-09-28ITTF Junior Circuit Premium India Junior and Cadet Open, Dehradun (Boys)2513±52−522461±42
2011-08-10Pro Tour Chile Open, Santiago (Men)2522±52−92513±43
2011-07-20Asian Junior Championships, New Delhi (Boys)2509±63+132522±48
2011-06-30US Open, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Men)2458±52+502508±60
2011-05-04ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Boys)2452±48+52457±42
2011-04-27ITTF Junior Circuit French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Boys)2507±67−552452±46
2011-04-18Austria Junior and Cadet Open, Linz (Boys)2452±70+552507±66
2010-12-04World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Bratislava (Boys)2465±77−162449±51
2010-07-21Asian Junior Championships, Bangkok (Boys)2396±60+662462±60
2010-06-16Pro Tour Indian Open, New Delhi (Men)2412±66−172395±54
2010-03-18Pro Tour German Open, Berlin (Men)2431±60−202411±53
2010-02-23Pro Tour Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2396±59+342430±56
2010-02-17Pro Tour Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2403±65−72396±58
2009-10-28Pro Tour English Open, Sheffield (Men)2380±54+212401±48
2009-10-27English Junior Open2339±55+412380±54
2009-09-15ITTF Junior Circuit India Junior and Cadet Open, Indore (Boys)2355±56−172338±47
2009-08-26Taiyuan International Open, Taiyuan (Boys)2381±184−262355±53
2008-08-30Abbeville Open2500±200−1262374±167

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