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Loeuillette, Stéphanie

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2020-03-03ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (Women)2136±53−222114±51
2020-02-18ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2136±5202136±51
2020-02-12ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Women)2170±56−342136±51
2020-01-28ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2147±58+232170±54
2020-01-22ITTF World Team Qualification Event, Gondomar (Women)2114±61+332147±58
2019-12-04ITTF Challenge Plus Canada Open, Markham (Women)2101±56+122113±54
2019-11-12ITTF World Tour Platinum Austrian Open, Linz (Women)2100±5402100±52
2019-10-30ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)2093±54+72100±52
2019-10-16ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Wladyslawowo (Women)2096±53−32093±52
2019-10-08ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Bremen (Women)2102±56−62096±52
2019-10-01ITTF World Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2108±57−62102±55
2019-09-03ITTF European Championships, Nantes (Women)2140±57−322108±53
2019-08-20ITTF World Tour Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2138±56+22140±55
2019-08-13ITTF World Tour Bulgarian Open, Panagyurishte (Women)2134±62+42138±55
2019-06-22European Games, Minsk (Women)2125±59+82133±54
2019-05-08ITTF Challenge Slovenia Open, Otocec (Women)2134±55−102124±52
2019-05-01ITTF Challenge Serbia Open, Belgrade (Women)2142±58−82134±53
2019-04-21World Table Tennis Championships, Budapest (Women)2163±62−212142±57
2019-03-20ITTF Challenge Spanish Open, Guadalajara (Women)2160±65+32163±57
2019-02-13ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Women)2166±64−62160±60
2018-11-14ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)2152±54+132165±50
2018-11-01World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2148±54+42152±52
2018-10-23ITTF Challenge Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)2147±6102147±53
2018-09-18ITTF European Championships, Alicante (Women)2110±56+362146±55
2018-08-23World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2109±5202109±52
2018-06-22Mediterranean Games, Tarragona (Women)2153±56−452108±40
2018-05-24World Tour, Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (Women)2153±51−12152±51
2018-05-16ITTF Challenge Thailand Open, Bangkok (Women)2186±53−342152±50
2018-04-29World Team Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad (Women)2171±56+152186±50
2018-04-10ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2194±56−242170±53
2018-03-28ITTF Challenge Spanish Open, Guadalajara (Women)2211±59−172194±54
2018-03-23World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2193±64+182211±58
2018-03-14ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Spala (Women)2192±65+12193±63
2017-11-22ITTF Challenge Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2164±52+262190±48
2017-11-13World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2199±53−352164±50
2017-09-19World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)2199±43−12198±43
2017-09-13ITTF European Team Championships, Luxembourg (Women)2174±57+242198±42
2017-08-22Universiade, Taipei (Women)2199±70−252174±53
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Women)2166±62+312197±59
2017-05-02ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2123±62+422165±58
2017-04-26ITTF Challenge Slovenian Open, Otocec (Women)2179±69−562123±61
2017-02-03ITTF Europe Cup, Antibes (Women)2189±68−122177±58
2017-01-24Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R5)2159±64+302189±67
2017-01-222017 European Championships Qualification, 5th round (Women)2122±61+372159±63
2016-12-13Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R4)2118±56+32121±55
2016-12-132017 European Championships Qualification, 4th round (Women)2115±57+32118±56
2016-11-09World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)2118±53−42114±51
2016-11-01Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R2)2120±52−22118±51
2016-11-012017 European Championships Qualification, 2nd round (Women)2123±53−32120±52
2016-10-18ITTF European Championships, Budapest (Women)2134±58−112123±51
2016-09-27Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R1)2131±55+32134±55
2016-09-272017 European Championships Qualification, 1st round (Women)2128±56+32131±55
2016-09-20World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)2109±59+182127±55
2016-08-31World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2178±68−692109±56
2016-06-01World Tour, Slovenia Open, Otocec (Women)2197±62−202177±55
2016-05-24World Tour, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2221±74−242197±60
2016-04-20World Tour, Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2158±65+632221±70
2016-03-28Luxembourg Open, Luxembourg (Women)2199±81−422157±62
2016-03-12ETTU Cup (Women, SF1)2134±70+652199±79
2016-01-26ETTU Cup (Women, QF2)2123±65+102133±64
2016-01-20World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2129±71−62123±64
2016-01-15ETTU Cup (Women, QF1)2112±70+172129±70
2015-12-19ETTU Cup (Women, 4th Stage)2082±69+302112±67
2015-11-22ETTU Cup (Women, 3rd Stage)2076±66+62082±65
2015-09-08GAC Group World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)2068±62+72075±55
2015-08-26GAC Group World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2082±66−142068±60
2015-05-19GAC Group World Tour, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2094±55−142080±51
2015-04-15Luxembourg Open, Luxembourg (Women)2137±57−432094±49
2015-03-25GAC Group World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2145±58−82137±54
2015-03-18GAC Group World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2149±59−42145±57
2015-02-11GAC Group World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Women)2160±57−122148±53
2015-01-28GAC Group World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2171±60−112160±55
2014-12-04Finlandia Open, Helsinki (Women)2111±64+592170±52
2014-11-12World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2109±64+12110±61
2014-09-10World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)2098±62+102108±55
2014-08-27World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)2136±69−392097±60
2014-05-21World Tour, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2105±63+292134±55
2014-04-02World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Women)2110±57−62104±55
2014-03-26World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Women)2114±59−42110±56
2014-01-29World Tour, Hungarian Open, Szombathely (Women)2135±55−222113±49
2013-11-27World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2140±49−62134±44
2013-11-13World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2138±53+22140±47
2013-11-06World Tour, Polish Open, Spala (Women)2131±62+72138±52
2013-09-12Euro - Africa, Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)2092±62+382130±54
2013-07-08Universiade, Kazan (Women)2049±54+422091±52
2013-06-06Euro - Africa, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Women)2074±67−252049±49
2013-01-23World Tour, Austrian Open, Wels (Women)2059±55+122071±46
2012-11-07World Tour, Polish Open, Poznan (Women)2053±47+52058±42
2012-10-31World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)2041±50+122053±45
2012-10-02French First League2041±45−12040±44
2012-09-26Euro - Africa, Belgium Open, Antwerpen (Women)2084±70−432041±43
2012-06-22Euro - Africa, Morocco Open, Rabat (Women)2061±60+212082±57
2012-06-07Euro - Africa, Swedish Open, Helsingborg (Women)2084±65−232061±58
2012-01-25World Tour, Slovenia Open, Velenje (Women)2103±50−222081±44
2012-01-17World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2114±56−112103±49
2011-12-08Finlandia Open, Helsinki (Women)2081±67+322113±49
2011-10-19Pro Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)2029±72+512080±60
2011-09-21Pro Tour Austrian Open, Vienna (Women)2014±83+152029±68
2010-12-04World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Bratislava (Girls)2042±50−342008±42
2010-11-10Pro Tour Polish Open, Warsaw (Women)2083±59−412042±46
2010-10-31ETTU Cup (Women, Round 2)2076±57+72083±58
2010-09-05JOOLA European Nations League ’10 - Challenge, venue1 (Women)2085±55−102075±48
2010-07-16European Youth Championships, Istanbul (Girls)2035±46+492084±46
2010-05-26ITTF Junior Circuit Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Cetniewo (Girls)2045±41−112034±35
2010-05-05ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Girls)2045±40−12044±36
2010-04-14ITTF Junior Circuit French Junior and Cadet Open, Vern sur Seiche (Girls)2021±40+232044±35
2010-04-07Luxembourg Open Table Tennis Championships, Luxembourg (Women)1986±47+342020±39
2010-03-02European Nations League (Women)1990±41−51985±40
2010-02-24ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Swedish Junior and Cadet Open, Orebro (Girls)1987±42+31990±39
2010-02-18ITTF Junior Circuit Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Tata (Girls)1972±55+151987±41
2010-02-09ITTF Junior Circuit Egypt Junior and Cadet Open, Cairo (Girls)1900±82+721972±53
2009-10-28Pro Tour English Open, Sheffield (Women)1904±74−61898±70
2009-05-27ITTF Junior Circuit Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Cetniewo (Girls)1813±69+881901±53
2009-05-13ITTF Junior Circuit French Junior and Cadet Open, Vern sur Seiche (Girls)1755±90+581813±67
2009-02-26ITTF Junior Circuit Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Tata (Girls)1676±104+771753±82
2008-12-06World Junior Championships, Madrid (Girls)1641±144+341675±97
2008-06-04ITTF Junior Circuit French Junior and Cadet Open, Vern sur Seiche (Girls)1544±177+931637±133
2008-02-20Safir International, Orebro (Girls)1584±186−421542±172
2008-01-05German Junior Open, Seligenstadt (Girls)1950±300−3671583±184

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