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Aruna, Quadri

All Events
2020-02-27African Singles and Mixed Doubles Olympic Qualification Tournament, Tunisia (Men)2695±44−232672±42
2020-02-24ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup, Tunisia (Men)2708±48−132695±43
2020-02-15ETTU Cup (Men, QF2)2706±47+22708±46
2020-02-08ETTU Cup (Men, QF1)2704±46+22706±45
2020-01-28ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Magdeburg (Men)2680±48+242704±43
2020-01-22ITTF World Team Qualification Event, Gondomar (Men)2694±52−142680±47
2019-12-10European Champions League (Men, R6)2693±44+12694±44
2019-11-29Men’s World Cup, Chengdu2707±45−142693±42
2019-11-12ITTF World Tour Platinum Austrian Open, Linz (Men)2731±44−252706±42
2019-11-06World Team Cup, Tokyo (Men)2718±45+132731±43
2019-10-31European Champions League (Men, R4)2744±48−262718±43
2019-10-25European Champions League (Men, R3)2735±48+82743±47
2019-10-16European Champions League (Men, R2)2733±47+22735±46
2019-10-08ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Bremen (Men)2716±47+172733±45
2019-09-12European Champions League (Men, R1)2741±48−252716±42
2019-08-20All Africa Games, Rabat (Men)2764±51−232741±43
2019-08-13ITTF World Tour Bulgarian Open, Panagyurishte (Men)2715±50+492764±49
2019-08-07ITTF Challenge Plus Nigeria Open, Lagos (Men)2682±52+332715±49
2019-08-03ITTF Africa Cup, Lagos (Men)2712±60−302682±51
2019-07-02ITTF World Tour Korea Open, Busan (Men)2689±56+222711±55
2019-06-04ITTF World Tour Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (Men)2659±50+302689±51
2019-05-28ITTF World Tour Platinum China Open, Shenzhen (Men)2653±56+62659±48
2019-04-21World Table Tennis Championships, Budapest (Men)2633±53+202653±50
2019-03-26ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2659±53−272632±49
2019-02-13ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Men)2667±50−92658±45
2019-01-15ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2672±48−62666±45
2018-12-06European Champions League (Men, R6)2687±43−162671±40
2018-11-28European Champions League (Men, R5)2666±43+212687±42
2018-11-14European Champions League (Men, R4)2658±43+82666±40
2018-11-06World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Men)2662±42−42658±41
2018-11-01World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2656±44+62662±41
2018-10-26European Champions League (Men, R3)2665±45−92656±43
2018-10-19Men’s World Cup, Paris2700±48−352665±43
2018-10-10European Champions League (Men, R2)2723±50−242699±46
2018-09-27European Champions League (Men, R1)2737±53−152722±47
2018-09-03ITTF African Championships, Port Louis (Men)2727±50+102737±49
2018-08-08Seamaster Nigeria Open, Lagos (Men)2717±47+102727±45
2018-07-24World Tour, Australian Open, Geelong (Men)2714±49+22716±44
2018-07-19World Tour, Korean Open, Daejeon (Men)2717±50−32714±48
2018-05-31World Tour, China Open, Shenzhen (Men)2713±43+32716±40
2018-05-24World Tour, Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (Men)2722±46−92713±42
2018-04-29World Team Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad (Men)2721±4702721±41
2018-03-23World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Men)2724±42−42720±39
2018-03-15European Champions League (Men, SF1)2732±42−82724±40
2018-03-08World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2732±45−12731±40
2018-03-01ITTF Africa Cup, Nairobi (Men)2746±47−142732±43
2018-02-09European Champions League (Men, QF2)2773±48−272746±43
2018-01-24European Champions League (Men, QF1)2774±51−12773±45
2017-12-21European Champions League (Men, R6)2769±46+42773±45
2017-12-01European Champions League (Men, R5)2790±47−222768±42
2017-11-23European Champions League (Men, R4)2776±45+142790±45
2017-11-13World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2727±47+482775±43
2017-11-07World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Men)2753±48−262727±45
2017-10-26European Champions League (Men, R3)2756±46−32753±46
2017-10-20Men’s World Cup, Liege2765±49−92756±45
2017-10-12European Champions League (Men, R2)2774±51−92765±47
2017-10-04ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Warsaw (Men)2727±54+472774±49
2017-09-28European Champions League (Men, R1)2746±59−192727±53
2017-08-15World Tour, Bulgaria Open, Panagyurishte (Men)2710±57+362746±52
2017-08-09ITTF Challenge Nigeria Open, Lagos (Men)2745±63−362709±56
2017-07-01ITTF Africa Cup, Agadir (Men)2708±61+362744±57
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Men)2727±61−202707±56
2017-05-02ITTF Challenge Croatia Open, Zagreb (Men)2770±64−442726±57
2017-01-17World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2766±57+22768±48
2016-11-09World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Men)2776±50−122764±45
2016-10-24ITTF Africa Senior Championships, Agadir (Men)2769±56+72776±47
2016-10-01Men’s World Cup, Saarbrucken2828±68−592769±52
2016-08-06Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro (Men)2747±62+802827±61
2016-06-15World Tour, LAOX Japan Open, Tokyo (Men)2790±61−442746±55
2016-02-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Kuala Lumpur (Men)2788±5202788±43
2016-02-14ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup, Khartum (Men)2768±49+202788±49
2016-01-27World Tour, German Open, Berlin (Men)2743±50+242767±46
2016-01-20World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2731±59+122743±49
2015-11-11GAC Group World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Men)2746±53−162730±47
2015-10-21GAC Group World Tour, Polish Open, Warsaw (Men)2729±50+172746±49
2015-09-1011th African Games, Brazzaville (Men)2735±52−72728±42
2015-08-26GAC Group World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Men)2678±53+572735±50
2015-07-21ITTF Africa Senior Cup, Yaounde (Men)2701±57−232678±47
2015-05-19GAC Group World Tour, Croatia Open, Zagreb (Men)2715±51−152700±46
2015-04-26World Table Tennis Championships, Suzhou (Men)2735±51−202715±47
2015-03-25GAC Group World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Men)2744±50−92735±45
2015-03-10GAC Group World Tour, Nigeria Open, Lagos (Men)2754±51−112743±47
2015-02-17GAC Group World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2774±51−212753±48
2015-02-11GAC Group World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2807±57−332774±50
2015-01-23ITTF Africa Senior Championships, Cairo (Men)2829±69−232806±54
2014-10-24Men’s World Cup, Dusseldorf2771±53+572828±57
2014-09-10World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Men)2794±54−242770±45
2014-08-27World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Men)2755±57+392794±51
2014-07-24Commonwealth Games, Glasgow (Men)2720±52+352755±52
2014-06-27ITTF Africa Cup, Lagos (Men)2682±50+382720±47
2014-06-23World Tour, Nigeria Open, Lagos (Men)2693±54−112682±49
2014-04-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Tokyo (Men)2683±54+92692±44
2014-04-02World Tour, Spanish Open, Almeria (Men)2660±55+232683±49
2014-03-26World Tour, German Open, Magdeburg (Men)2669±60−92660±54
2014-02-18World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2675±59−72668±54
2014-02-12World Tour, Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2695±65−202675±58
2013-12-15ETTU Cup (Men, Round 3)2687±66+72694±57
2013-10-261st Lagos International Classic, Lagos (Men)2712±74−262686±59
2013-10-20ETTU Cup (Men, Round 2)2653±76+592712±74
2013-09-08ETTU Cup (Men, Round 1)2642±73+102652±71
2013-07-02ITTF-Africa Senior Cup and ITTF-Africa Club Championships, Oyo (Men)2649±84−82641±64
2013-05-13World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Men)2636±81+122648±78
2012-09-08ETTU Cup 2012-2013 First Phase2621±65+112632±48
2012-07-28Olympic Games, London (Men)2587±62+332620±59
2012-03-25World Team Table Tennis Championships, Dortmund (Men)2567±63+182585±41
2012-01-17World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Men)2577±55−122565±53
2012-01-15Portugal First League2622±65−452577±55
2011-09-04All Africa Games - African Olympic Qualification, Maputo (Men)2611±57+92620±44
2011-07-18ITTF Africa Seniors Cup, Rabat (Men)2636±65−262610±49
2011-05-08World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam (Men)2654±66−202634±55
2011-02-23Pro Tour German Open, Dortmund (Men)2627±60+252652±56
2010-11-22ITTF African Seniors Championships, Yaounde (Men)2581±58+442625±44
2010-10-0419th Commonwealth Games, Delhi (Men)2580±6202580±50
2010-09-28Team World Cup, Dubai (Men)2595±83−152580±61
2010-05-23World Team Table Tennis Championships, Moscow (Men)2448±99+1442592±69
2010-02-23Pro Tour Kuwait Open, Kuwait City (Men)2442±95+52447±91
2010-02-17Pro Tour Qatar Open, Doha (Men)2484±111−422442±94
2009-10-16Men’s World Cup, Moscow2392±199+892481±101
2007-06-01Commonwealth Championship2430±178−552375±157
2007-05-21World Table Tennis Championships, Zagreb (Men)2425±337+42429±178

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