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Bhattacharya, Ashis

All Events
2018-03-22MN Thursday Night League1143±87−241119±69
2018-02-22Minnesota Super League Teams Week 21149±87−61143±85
2018-02-15Minnesota Super League Teams Week 11221±112−721149±86
2015-12-03Minnesota Super League(Session 2 - Week 1)1273±45−521221±40
2015-11-12Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 7)1354±49−811273±41
2015-10-22Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 4)1360±48−61354±46
2015-10-01Minnesota Super League (Session 1 - Week 1)1352±53+81360±45
2015-06-11Minnesota Summer Super League(Session 1 - Week 3)1353±38−11352±37
2015-05-21Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 8)1329±35+241353±34
2015-05-14Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 7)1335±37−61329±34
2015-05-07Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 6)1308±39+271335±35
2015-04-23Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 4)1296±41+121308±36
2015-04-16Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week 3)1310±42−141296±40
2015-03-19Minnsota Super League (Session Three - Week 7)1300±40+101310±37
2015-02-26Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 4)1298±39+21300±36
2015-02-19Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 3)1283±40+151298±38
2015-02-12Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 2)1295±42−121283±39
2015-02-05Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week 1)1274±43+211295±40
2015-01-08Minnsota Super League (Session Two - Week 5)1301±42−271274±38
2014-11-20Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week 1)1277±36+241301±33
2014-11-13Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 8)1291±38−141277±35
2014-11-06Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 7)1301±42−101291±37
2014-10-16Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 4)1306±41−51301±38
2014-10-09Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 3)1345±44−391306±40
2014-10-02Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week 2)1367±48−221345±43
2014-09-18Minnesota Super League1339±53+281367±45
2014-05-15Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Seven)1353±35−141339±33
2014-04-24Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week Four)1360±33−71353±31
2014-04-17Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Three)1375±34−151360±32
2014-04-10Minnesota Super League(Session Four - Week Two)1384±34−91375±33
2014-04-03Minnesota Super League (Session Four - Week One)1387±35−31384±33
2014-03-13Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Six)1379±33+81387±30
2014-03-06Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Five)1377±34+21379±31
2014-02-27Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Four)1365±36+121377±33
2014-02-13Minnesota Super League(Session Three - Week Three)1376±37−111365±33
2014-02-06Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week Two)1401±40−251376±36
2014-01-30Minnesota Super League (Session Three - Week One)1384±41+171401±38
2013-12-19Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Four)1399±38−151384±34
2013-12-12Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week Three)1398±41+11399±37
2013-11-21Minnesota Super League (Session Two - Week One)1413±39−151398±37
2013-11-14Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Eight)1420±43−71413±37
2013-11-12Minnesota Tuesday RR1418±43+21420±43
2013-11-07Minnesota Super League (Session One - Week Seven)1396±49+221418±42
2013-10-29Minnesota Tuesday RR1390±49+61396±48
2013-09-17Minnesota Tuesday RR1385±44+51390±43
2013-09-10Minnesota Tuesday RR1376±44+91385±43
2013-08-27Minnesota Tuesday RR1368±44+81376±42
2013-08-13Minnesota Tuesday RR1385±45−171368±42
2013-07-09Minnesota Tuesday RR1380±40+51385±39
2013-06-25Minnesota Tuesday RR1375±38+51380±37
2013-06-04Minnesota Tuesday RR1371±35+41375±34
2013-05-28Minnesota Tuesday RR1363±35+81371±34
2013-05-09Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 8)1347±33+161363±31
2013-05-04Minnesota Saturday Open1359±32−121347±32
2013-04-30Minnesota Tuesday RR1356±32+31359±31
2013-04-27Minnesota Saturday Open1356±3101356±31
2013-04-25Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 6)1364±32−81356±30
2013-04-20Minnesota Saturday Open1374±32−101364±30
2013-04-18Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 5)1377±32−31374±31
2013-04-11Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 4)1378±32−11377±31
2013-04-04Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 3)1356±32+221378±31
2013-03-28Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 2)1354±32+21356±30
2013-03-21Minnesota Super League (Session 4 - Week 1)1356±34−21354±31
2013-03-14Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 8)1361±33−51356±32
2013-03-12Minnesota Tuesday RR1358±33+31361±33
2013-03-07Minnesota Super League (Session 3 - Week 7)1367±35−91358±32
2013-03-02Minnesota Saturday Open1367±3401367±34
2013-02-26Minnesota Tuesday RR1361±34+61367±33
2013-02-09Minnesota Saturday Open1350±32+111361±30
2013-01-262013 MN State Championships1350±3201350±29
2013-01-17Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 8)1351±31−11350±30
2013-01-12Minnesota Saturday Open1354±32−31351±30
2013-01-05Minnesota Saturday Open1369±32−151354±30
2013-01-03Minnesota Super League (Session 2 - Week 6)1370±34−11369±32
2012-12-20Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 4)1382±33−121370±31
2012-12-18Minnesota Tuesday RR1379±33+31382±32
2012-12-13Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 3)1371±34+81379±32
2012-12-08Minnesota Saturday Open1390±35−191371±33
2012-12-04Minnesota Tuesday RR1387±35+31390±35
2012-12-01Minnesota Saturday Open1377±36+101387±35
2012-11-29Minnesota Super League (Session 2, Week 1)1373±38+41377±36
2012-11-27Minnesota Tuesday RR1364±39+91373±37
2012-11-06Minnesota Tuesday RR1359±36+51364±35
2012-11-032012 Minnesota Fall Classic1325±39+341359±35
2012-10-30Minnesota Tuesday RR1323±43+21325±39
2012-10-16Minnesota Tuesday RR1318±42+51323±41
2012-10-02Minnesota Tuesday RR1294±45+241318±39
2012-09-25Minnesota Tuesday RR1268±49+261294±44
2012-09-04Minnesota Tuesday RR1250±49+181268±46
2012-08-28Minnesota Tuesday RR1276±53−261250±48
2012-08-14Minnesota Tuesday RR1295±56−191276±51
2012-08-07Minnesota Tuesday RR1306±63−111295±55
2012-03-13Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1315±50−91306±44
2011-12-06Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1322±37−71315±34
2011-11-22Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1306±38+161322±34
2011-11-15Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1306±4001306±37
2011-11-01Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1310±42−41306±37
2011-10-25Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1271±47+391310±41
2011-10-11Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1270±49+11271±45
2011-09-27Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1280±53−101270±47
2011-07-12Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1300±47−201280±42
2011-06-21Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1304±45−41300±43
2011-06-07Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1366±47−621304±42
2011-05-17Minnesota Tuesday Open RR1400±50−341366±44

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