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Cote, Alicia

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2019-07-26Pan American Games, Lima (Women)1885±66−741811±53
2019-05-08ITTF Challenge Slovenia Open, Otocec (Women)1880±59+41884±55
2019-05-01ITTF Challenge Serbia Open, Belgrade (Women)1935±82−551880±58
2019-04-21World Table Tennis Championships, Budapest (Women)1876±72+581934±81
2019-02-01ITTF Pan America Cup, Guaynabo (Women)1808±59+671875±62
2018-12-17US Open, Florida, Orlando (Women)1883±59−761807±52
2018-11-20ITTF Pan American Championships, Santiago (Women)1863±65+201883±55
2018-06-15ITTF Panam Cup, Asuncion (Women)1866±41−61860±39
2018-05-20Superleague 2017/2018 (Spiele KW 20/2018)1913±41−481865±35
2018-05-12ÖTTV Bundesliga Finalturnier 17/181913±3901913±39
2018-04-29World Team Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad (Women)1923±39−111912±36
2018-04-22ÖTTV 1. Damen-Bundesliga 17/18 (KW 16/2018)1937±43−141923±38
2018-04-08ÖTTV 1. Damen-Bundesliga 17/18 (KW 14/2018)1935±40+11936±40
2018-03-25OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 12/2018)1933±40+21935±37
2018-03-18ÖTTV 1. Damen-Bundesliga 17/18 (KW 11/2018)1923±39+101933±38
2018-03-14ITTF Challenge Polish Open, Spala (Women)1935±48−121923±38
2018-03-11OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 10/2018)1930±47+51935±48
2018-03-04OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 09/2018)1909±42+211930±46
2018-02-25OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 08/2018)1887±39+221909±40
2018-02-25Superleague 2017/2018 (Spiele KW 08/2018)1914±50−271887±39
2018-02-11OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 06/2018)1908±47+61914±48
2018-02-11Superleague 2017/2018 (Spiele KW 06/2018)1914±57−61908±47
2018-02-04ÖTTV 1. Damen-Bundesliga 17/18 (KW 05/2018)1882±44+321914±56
2018-01-28OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 04/2018)1848±43+341882±43
2018-01-18World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)1859±44−111848±41
2017-11-26OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 47/2017)1859±32−11858±32
2017-11-26ÖTTV 1. Damen-Bundesliga 17/18 (KW 47/2017)1848±34+111859±32
2017-11-26World Junior Championships, Riva del Garda (Girls)1872±39−241848±34
2017-11-19OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 46/2017)1882±40−101872±37
2017-11-19Superleague 2017/2018 (Spiele KW 46/2017)1874±42+81882±40
2017-11-12OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 45/2017)1875±46−11874±41
2017-10-29OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 43/2017)1888±53−131875±43
2017-10-29Superleague 2017/2018 (Spiele KW 43/2017)1919±66−311888±53
2017-10-28ETTU Cup (Women, Stage 2)1909±68+101919±66
2017-10-22OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 42/2017)1843±45+661909±68
2017-10-15OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 41/2017)1821±41+221843±44
2017-10-15Superleague 2017/2018 (Spiele KW 41/2017)1829±45−81821±41
2017-10-15ÖTTV 1. Damen-Bundesliga 17/18 (KW 41/2017)1829±4701829±45
2017-10-08OÖTTV Meisterschaft 2017/18 (Spiele KW 40/2017)1807±42+221829±45
2017-09-11ITTF Pan American Championships, Cartagena de Indias (Women)1773±51+331806±36
2017-07-28ITTF Panam Cup, San Jose (Women)1759±43+141773±42
2017-06-20ITTF Panam Junior Championships, Buenos Aires (Girls)1780±41−211759±35
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Women)1780±3601780±36
2017-05-24ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Wladyslawowo (Girls)1790±40−101780±35
2017-05-17ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Girls)1815±47−251790±38
2017-03-27OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 10 (Dg. 2)1807±37+71814±36
2017-03-26Superleague 2016/2017 (Spiele KW 12/2017)1863±67−561807±37
2017-03-20OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 9 (Dg. 2)1857±65+61863±66
2017-02-27OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 6 (Dg. 2)1857±6201857±62
2017-02-19ÖTTV 1. Damen BL MS 16/17 (KW 07/2017)1836±57+211857±61
2017-02-13OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 5 (Dg. 2)1825±54+111836±56
2017-02-06OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 4 (Dg. 2)1821±53+31824±53
2017-01-30OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 3 (Dg. 2)1765±44+561821±51
2017-01-29ÖTTV 1. Damen BL MS 16/17 (KW 04/2017)1770±49−51765±44
2016-11-30World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Cape Town (Girls)1805±43−361769±37
2016-11-20Superleague 2016/2017 (Spiele KW 46/2016)1809±42−41805±41
2016-11-20ÖTTV 1. Damen BL MS 16/17 (KW 46/2016)1807±47+21809±42
2016-11-12OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 7 (Dg. 1)1790±48+171807±45
2016-11-09World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)1796±53−61790±47
2016-10-30Superleague 2016/2017 (Spiele KW 43/2016)1798±53−21796±51
2016-10-29OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 6 (Dg. 1)1795±54+31798±53
2016-10-22OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 5 (Dg. 1)1759±51+361795±52
2016-10-15OÖTTV Herren 2016/17, Runde 4 (Dg. 1)1758±50+11759±49
2016-10-09ÖTTV 1. Damen BL MS 16/17 (KW 40/2016)1758±4901758±49
2016-09-25Superleague 2016/2017 (Spiele KW 38/2016)1796±63−391757±46
2016-09-25ÖTTV 1. Damen BL MS 16/17 (KW 38/2016)1781±64+151796±63
2016-09-18Superleague 2016/2017 (Spiele KW 37/2016)1782±64−21780±63
2016-08-27ÖTTV Tischtennis-Cup 20161743±58+381781±61
2016-06-25Pan American Junior Championships, Burnaby (Girls)1705±62+371742±47
2016-06-24ITTF North American Cup, Burnaby (Women)1705±6201705±62
2016-04-08ITTF North America Olympic Qualification Tournament, Markham (Women)1705±51−11704±50
2016-02-24ITTF Junior Circuit Swedish Junior and Cadet Open, Orebro (Girls)1681±48+241705±43
2016-02-17ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Girls)1727±60−461681±47
2015-11-29World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Vendee (Girls)1729±71−31726±47
2015-09-05ITTF North American Championships, New York (Women)1728±60−11727±59
2015-07-19XVII Pan American Games, Toronto (Women)1717±61+111728±53
2015-05-15ITTF North America Cup, Markham (Women)1766±67−501716±51
2015-05-11Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Markham (Girls)1661±72+1051766±67
2015-04-26World Table Tennis Championships, Suzhou (Women)1678±82−171661±70
2014-11-30World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Shanghai (Girls)1598±61+781676±64
2014-08-31ITTF North American Championships, Mississauga (Women)1580±60+161596±47
2014-07-01US Open, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Women)1593±53−141579±50
2014-06-27Canada Open, Vancouver (Women)1580±57+131593±52
2014-06-25ITTF North America Cup, Vancouver (Women)1556±67+241580±57
2014-04-10Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Markham (Girls)1412±96+1421554±56
2014-03-05ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Girls)1255±122+1561411±92
2013-07-02US Junior and Cadet Open, Las Vegas (Girls)1222±113+291251±103
2012-10-02Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Markham (Girls)1196±106+201216±89
2012-06-30US Open, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Women)1203±100−91194±98
2012-06-30ITTF Junior Circuit US Junior and Cadet Open, Grand Rapids (Girls)1108±168+951203±100
2012-03-07ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Italian Junior and Cadet Open, Lignano (Girls)1400±375−2941106±162

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