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Lung, Lisa

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2020-03-04European U21 Championships, Varazdin (Women)2067±61−262041±46
2020-02-18ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)2062±59+52067±58
2020-02-12ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Women)2035±66+272062±59
2020-01-28ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Magdeburg (Women)1990±61+442034±64
2020-01-22ITTF World Team Qualification Event, Gondomar (Women)1991±61−11990±60
2019-11-12ITTF World Tour Platinum Austrian Open, Linz (Women)1991±50−11990±50
2019-10-30ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)1979±51+121991±48
2019-10-08ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Bremen (Women)1980±48−11979±47
2019-10-01ITTF World Tour Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)1986±50−61980±47
2019-09-03ITTF European Championships, Nantes (Women)1914±52+711985±44
2019-08-20ITTF World Tour Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)1922±52−91913±50
2019-08-07ITTF Challenge Plus Nigeria Open, Lagos (Women)1913±61+91922±50
2019-06-22European Games, Minsk (Women)1916±56−41912±54
2019-05-08ITTF Challenge Slovenia Open, Otocec (Women)1922±55−71915±48
2019-04-21World Table Tennis Championships, Budapest (Women)1927±54−51922±52
2019-03-26ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (Women)1927±5001927±50
2019-03-20ITTF Challenge Spanish Open, Guadalajara (Women)1935±54−81927±49
2019-03-07European U21 Championships, Gondomar (Women)1915±59+201935±52
2019-02-13ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open, Lisbon (Women)1927±60−131914±55
2019-01-15ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)1930±58−31927±56
2018-11-06World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)1929±47−11928±46
2018-11-01World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (Women)1913±49+161929±46
2018-10-23ITTF Challenge Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)1914±48−11913±47
2018-09-18ITTF European Championships, Alicante (Women)1904±44+101914±41
2018-09-05Luxembourg Open, Luxembourg (Women)1927±47−241903±42
2018-09-05Luxembourg Open, Luxembourg (Men)1936±49−91927±47
2018-08-23World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)1915±49+211936±47
2018-08-16World Tour, Bulgarian Open, Panagyurishte (Women)1937±51−231914±47
2018-07-19World Tour, Korean Open, Daejeon (Women)1948±51−121936±46
2018-05-31World Tour, China Open, Shenzhen (Women)1947±4201947±42
2018-05-24World Tour, Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (Women)1953±43−61947±41
2018-04-29World Team Table Tennis Championships, Halmstad (Women)1952±5101952±37
2018-03-23World Tour, German Open, Bremen (Women)1938±45+131951±44
2018-03-08European U21 Championships, Minsk (Women)1926±49+111937±42
2018-02-02World Junior Circuit Finals, Luxembourg (Girls)1957±49−321925±43
2018-01-18World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)1970±53−131957±46
2017-11-26World Junior Championships, Riva del Garda (Girls)1990±47−211969±43
2017-11-22ITTF Junior Circuit Portugal Junior and Cadet Open, Loule (Girls)1971±47+191990±46
2017-10-31ITTF Challenge Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)1984±47−131971±43
2017-09-13ITTF European Team Championships, Luxembourg (Women)1970±47+131983±37
2017-08-22World Tour, Czech Open, Olomouc (Women)1960±47+101970±43
2017-07-14European Youth Championships, Guimaraes (Girls)2026±57−671959±39
2017-05-29World Table Tennis Championships, Dusseldorf (Women)2025±5002025±50
2017-04-26ITTF Challenge Slovenian Open, Otocec (Women)2027±55−32024±44
2017-04-19Belgium Junior and Cadet Open, Spa (Girls)2020±54+72027±53
2017-04-03ITTF Junior Circuit Tunisia Junior and Cadet Open, La Marsa (Girls)2024±56−42020±51
2017-03-15ITTF Challenge Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)1967±46+572024±53
2017-03-07Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R6)1972±46−51967±44
2017-03-072017 European Championships Qualification, 6th round (Women)1978±49−61972±46
2017-02-15ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Girls)1966±47+111977±46
2017-02-02European U21 Championships, Sochi (Women)1896±58+701966±44
2016-11-30World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Cape Town (Girls)1919±53−241895±47
2016-11-22Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R3)1919±5101919±51
2016-11-222017 European Championships Qualification, 3rd round (Women)1919±5201919±51
2016-11-09World Tour, Austrian Open, Linz (Women)1888±53+311919±49
2016-09-27Europ. Champ. Team Quali. (Championship Div., R1)1887±4601887±46
2016-09-272017 European Championships Qualification, 1st round (Women)1888±46−11887±46
2016-09-20World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)1887±54+11888±45
2016-07-08European Youth Championships, Zagreb (Girls)1964±64−781886±40
2016-04-12ITTF European Olympic Qualification Tournament, Halmstad (Women)1965±52−21963±51
2016-02-28World Team Table Tennis Championships, Kuala Lumpur (Women)1966±49−21964±44
2016-01-20World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (Women)1976±46−101966±41
2015-11-29World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Vendee (Girls)1974±39+11975±35
2015-11-04ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Szombathely (Girls)1984±38−101974±33
2015-10-16Europe Youth Top 10, Buzau (Girls)1992±43−81984±33
2015-09-25ITTF European Table Tennis Championships, Ekaterinburg (Women)1963±49+291992±39
2015-09-08GAC Group World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)1954±51+81962±46
2015-07-10European Youth Championships, Bratislava (Girls)2000±59−471953±40
2015-06-131st European Games, Baku (Women)2000±5502000±55
2015-05-13GAC Group World Tour, Belarus Open, Minsk (Women)1973±54+272000±50
2015-03-04ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Italian Junior and Cadet Open, Lignano (Girls)1964±48+81972±41
2015-02-18ITTF Junior Circuit Swedish Junior and Cadet Open, Orebro (Girls)1964±4701964±45
2015-01-29ITTF Global Junior Circuit Finals, Asuncion (Girls)1959±50+41963±44
2014-11-30World Junior Table Tennis Championships, Shanghai (Girls)1966±41−81958±38
2014-10-23ITTF World Cadet Challenge, Bridgetown (Girls)1941±39+241965±32
2014-10-03Europe Youth Top 10, Tours (Girls)1989±49−491940±34
2014-09-24European Team Table Tennis Championships, Lisbon (Women)1966±47+221988±47
2014-09-10World Tour, Belgium Open, De Haan (Women)1958±47+81966±44
2014-08-17Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing (Girls)1944±47+141958±42
2014-07-11European Youth Championships, Riva del Garda (Girls)1912±47+311943±39
2014-05-07ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior and Cadet Open, Platja d’Aro (Girls)1913±41−21911±33
2014-04-16Luxembourg Open, Luxembourg (Women)1923±41−101913±36
2014-04-10Canadian Junior and Cadet Open, Markham (Girls)1950±57−271923±40
2014-04-07Road to Nanjing 2014 series - North America, Mississauga (Girls)1900±50+501950±57
2014-03-05ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Girls)1993±81−931900±43
2014-02-12ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Czech Junior and Cadet Open, Hodonin (Girls)1834±50+1591993±79
2013-11-20Europe Youth Top 10, Terni (Girls)1861±39−291832±32
2013-11-06ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open, Szombathely (Girls)1852±46+91861±36
2013-10-26ITTF World Cadet Challenge, Otocec (Girls)1917±59−651852±43
2013-07-12European Youth Championships, Ostrava (Girls)1919±49−41915±40
2013-05-22ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Polish Junior and Cadet Open, Wladyslawowo (Girls)1909±49+91918±39
2013-05-13World Table Tennis Championships, Paris (Women)1906±52+31909±47
2013-03-06ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Girls)1948±63−431905±39
2013-02-20ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Swedish Junior and Cadet Open, Orebro (Girls)1956±80−81948±61
2012-11-02Slovak Cadet Open, Bratislava (Girls)1973±80−191954±67
2012-09-26Euro - Africa, Belgium Open, Antwerpen (Women)1770±59+2021972±76
2012-07-13European Youth Championships, Schwechat (Girls)1731±63+381769±46
2012-04-18ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior and Cadet Open, Metz (Girls)1700±375+301730±50

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