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Edenhauser, Thomas

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2018-04-08TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F10884±45+62946±41
2018-03-25TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F09877±48+7884±43
2018-03-11TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F07888±50−11877±46
2018-02-25TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F05823±52+65888±48
2018-02-04TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F03813±52+10823±49
2018-01-28TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F02822±53−9813±51
2017-12-03TTTV MM 17/18, H11858±50−36822±46
2017-11-12TTTV MM 17/18, H08867±49−9858±47
2017-11-05TTTV MM 17/18, H07873±50−6867±48
2017-10-22TTTV MM 17/18, H06863±53+10873±48
2017-10-08TTTV MM 17/18, H04898±57−35863±52
2017-10-01TTTV MM 17/18, H03894±58+4898±56
2017-09-24TTTV MM 17/18, H02914±61−20894±57
2017-04-09TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F11904±41+10914±38
2017-04-02TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F10895±43+9904±40
2017-03-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F09896±42−1895±42
2017-03-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F08900±42−4896±41
2017-02-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F05929±42−29900±39
2017-02-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F04960±43−31929±41
2017-02-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F03963±42−3960±41
2017-01-29TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F02970±44−7963±41
2017-01-22TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F011030±50−60970±43
2016-11-27TTTV MM 16/17, H101014±46+161030±41
2016-11-13TTTV MM 16/17, H08996±46+181014±43
2016-11-06TTTV MM 16/17, H07982±48+14996±45
2016-10-30TTTV MM 16/17, H06967±49+15982±47
2016-10-09TTTV MM 16/17, H04962±52+5967±46
2016-10-02TTTV MM 16/17, H03971±54−9962±51
2016-09-25TTTV MM 16/17, H02964±58+7971±53
2016-09-18TTTV MM 16/17, H01958±59+6964±57
2016-04-10TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F10957±39+1958±37
2016-04-03TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F09931±41+26957±38
2016-03-20TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F08943±41−12931±39
2016-03-13TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F07943±420943±39
2016-03-06TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F06943±410943±40
2016-02-28TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F05963±44−20943±39
2016-02-21TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F04948±45+15963±43
2016-02-14TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F03937±47+11948±44
2016-01-31TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F02951±51−14937±45
2016-01-24TTTV MM 15/16 M u A, F01933±53+18951±50
2015-11-08TTTV MM 15/16, H07936±46−3933±43
2015-11-01TTTV MM 15/16, H06947±47−11936±45
2015-10-18TTTV MM 15/16, H05952±52−5947±45
2015-10-11TTTV MM 15/16, H04928±56+24952±51
2015-10-04TTTV MM 15/16, H03928±560928±56
2015-09-27TTTV MM 15/16, H02947±59−19928±55
2015-09-20TTTV MM 15/16, H01944±69+3947±58
2015-03-29TTTV MM 14/15, F09988±59−44944±48
2015-03-22TTTV MM 14/15, F08993±61−5988±58
2015-03-08TTTV MM 14/15, F06985±62+8993±59
2015-03-01TTTV MM 14/15, F05984±61+1985±61
2015-02-22TTTV MM 14/15, F041044±75−60984±60
2015-01-25TTTV MM 14/15, F011039±74+51044±72
2014-04-13TTTV MM 13/14, F111068±46−291039±40
2014-04-06TTTV MM 13/14, F101074±50−61068±45
2014-03-30TTTV MM 13/14, F091072±49+21074±49
2014-03-23TTTV MM 13/14, F081135±56−631072±48
2014-03-16TTTV MM 13/14, F071129±57+61135±56
2014-03-02TTTV MM 13/14, F051127±56+21129±56
2014-02-23TTTV MM 13/14, F041122±57+51127±55
2014-02-02TTTV MM 13/14, F021122±5401122±54
2013-12-08TTTV MM 13/14, H111111±49+111122±47
2013-12-01TTTV MM 13/14, H101083±50+281111±48
2013-11-24TTTV MM 13/14, H091082±49+11083±49
2013-11-17TTTV MM 13/14, H081089±52−71082±48
2013-11-10TTTV MM 13/14, H071081±53+81089±51
2013-11-03TMM MM 13/14, H061071±54+101081±52
2013-10-28TMM MM 13/14, H051068±54+31071±53
2013-10-21TMM MM 13/14, H041063±55+51068±53
2013-10-14TMM MM 13/14, H031045±64+181063±54
2013-09-22TMM MM 13/14, H011018±69+271045±62
2013-04-07TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F091006±52+121018±50
2013-03-24TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F081030±54−241006±50
2013-03-17TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F071030±5301030±53
2013-03-03TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F051027±52+31030±51
2013-02-24TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F041011±54+161027±51
2013-02-03TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F02998±53+131011±51
2013-01-27TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, F011031±57−33998±52
2012-12-02TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H111031±4901031±49
2012-11-25TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H101029±49+21031±48
2012-11-18TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H091028±48+11029±48
2012-11-11TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H081012±50+161028±47
2012-11-04TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H07983±51+291012±49
2012-10-28TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H06977±57+6983±50
2012-10-21TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H05981±63−4977±56
2012-10-07TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H03977±63+4981±62
2012-09-30TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H02975±63+2977±62
2012-09-23TTTV MM 12/13 GKU, H01941±68+34975±62
2012-03-11TTTV MM 11/12, F07937±48+4941±44
2012-03-04TTTV MM 11/12, F06936±48+1937±47
2012-02-26TTTV MM 11/12, F05949±55−13936±47
2012-02-19TTTV MM 11/12, F04998±69−49949±54
2012-01-29TTTV MM 11/12, F02992±68+6998±67
2012-01-22TTTV MM 11/12, F01953±75+39992±68
2011-10-30TTTV MM 11/12, H06950±68+3953±67
2011-10-23TTTV MM 11/12, H05979±87−29950±67
2011-10-09TTTV MM 11/12, H03979±860979±86
2011-03-13TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 7919±73+60979±67
2011-03-06TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 6851±77+68919±73
2011-01-30TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 2852±74−1851±74
2010-11-14TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 9929±84−77852±67
2010-11-07TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 8959±131−30929±84
2010-10-31TTTV MM 10/11, Runde 7850±175+109959±130

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