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Fischer, Herbert

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2018-04-15TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F111071±44+151086±41
2018-04-08TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F101089±46−181071±43
2018-03-24TTTV TEM Sen 20181096±46−71089±43
2018-03-04TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F061118±46−221096±43
2018-02-04TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F031134±47−161118±42
2018-01-28TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F021147±50−131134±45
2018-01-21TTTV MM 17/18 X/Y PO, F011164±52−171147±48
2017-12-03TTTV MM 17/18, H111166±46−21164±46
2017-11-26TTTV MM 17/18, H101182±47−161166±45
2017-11-19TTTV MM 17/18, H091189±47−71182±46
2017-11-12TTTV MM 17/18, H081206±49−171189±46
2017-10-15TTTV MM 17/18, H051205±50+11206±45
2017-10-08TTTV MM 17/18, H041221±51−161205±49
2017-10-01TTTV MM 17/18, H031190±53+311221±50
2017-09-24TTTV MM 17/18, H021197±53−71190±52
2017-09-17TTTV MM 17/18, H011186±60+111197±53
2017-04-09TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F111202±38−161186±38
2017-04-02TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F101171±41+311202±37
2017-03-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F091176±40−51171±40
2017-03-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F081180±40−41176±39
2017-03-12TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F071189±40−91180±38
2017-03-11TTTV TEM Senioren 20171192±41−31189±40
2017-03-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F061200±41−81192±39
2017-02-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F051216±41−161200±40
2017-02-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F041222±43−61216±39
2017-02-12TTTV TEM AK 20171177±50+451222±41
2017-02-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F031181±50−41177±49
2017-01-29TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F021189±51−81181±49
2017-01-22TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F011189±5101189±50
2016-11-27TTTV MM 16/17, H101186±46+31189±43
2016-11-20TTTV MM 16/17, H091169±47+171186±45
2016-10-30TTTV MM 16/17, H061189±47−201169±44
2016-10-09TTTV MM 16/17, H041172±48+171189±44
2016-10-02TTTV MM 16/17, H031196±52−241172±47
2016-09-25TTTV MM 16/17, H021211±56−151196±51
2016-09-18TTTV MM 16/17, H011196±58+151211±55
2016-04-17TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F111195±36+11196±36
2016-04-10TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F101209±37−141195±35
2016-04-09TTTV Einzelmeisterschaft Senioren1210±37−11209±36
2016-04-03TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F091208±38+21210±35
2016-03-20TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F081207±38+11208±35
2016-03-13TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F071228±38−211207±36
2016-03-06TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F061213±38+151228±37
2016-02-28TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F051204±39+91213±37
2016-02-21TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F041178±41+261204±38
2016-02-14TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F031197±43−191178±39
2016-01-31TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F021201±44−41197±41
2016-01-24TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F011201±4701201±43
2015-12-06TTTV MM 15/16, H111204±40−31201±39
2015-11-29TTTV MM 15/16, H101221±42−171204±39
2015-11-22TTTV MM 15/16, H091212±45+91221±41
2015-11-15TTTV MM 15/16, H081161±49+511212±43
2015-11-08TTTV MM 15/16, H071131±51+301161±48
2015-11-01TTTV MM 15/16, H061136±52−51131±50
2015-10-11TTTV MM 15/16, H041140±56−41136±49
2015-10-04TTTV MM 15/16, H031144±56−41140±55
2015-09-27TTTV MM 15/16, H021151±57−71144±55
2015-09-20TTTV MM 15/16, H011158±58−71151±56
2015-04-19TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F111141±37+171158±36
2015-04-12TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F101150±37−91141±36
2015-03-29TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F091124±37+261150±35
2015-03-22TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F081119±38+51124±35
2015-03-21TTTV 14/15 TE Sen1083±42+361119±38
2015-03-01TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F051103±41−201083±39
2015-02-22TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F041130±44−271103±40
2015-02-15TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F031154±43−241130±42
2015-02-01TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F021173±44−191154±41
2015-01-25TTTV MM 14/15 X/Y PO, F011198±46−251173±43
2014-11-30TTTV MM 14/15, H111191±38+71198±37
2014-11-23TTTV MM 14/15, H101183±39+81191±36
2014-11-16TTTV MM 14/15, H091165±39+181183±38
2014-11-09TTTV MM 14/15, H081157±39+81165±38
2014-11-02TTTV MM 14/15, H071168±39−111157±38
2014-10-26TTTV MM 14/15, H061155±41+131168±38
2014-10-19TTTV MM 14/15, H051157±43−21155±40
2014-10-12TTTV MM 14/15, H041208±48−511157±41
2014-10-05TTTV MM 14/15, H031223±50−151208±46
2014-09-28TTTV MM 14/15, H021197±53+261223±49
2014-09-21TTTV MM 14/15, H011153±57+441197±52
2014-04-13TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F111160±35−71153±32
2014-04-12TTTV 13/14 TE Sen1171±37−111160±34
2014-04-06TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F101177±39−61171±36
2014-03-30TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F091163±39+141177±37
2014-03-23TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F081160±40+31163±37
2014-03-16TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F071157±40+31160±39
2014-03-09TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F061144±40+131157±38
2014-03-02TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F051152±42−81144±39
2014-02-23TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F041133±43+191152±41
2014-02-16TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F031139±44−61133±42
2014-02-02TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F021135±43+41139±41
2014-01-26TTTV MM 13/14 X/YPO, F011138±46−31135±42
2013-12-08TTTV MM 13/14, H111124±42+141138±38
2013-12-01TTTV MM 13/14, H101107±43+171124±41
2013-11-24TTTV MM 13/14, H091095±45+121107±42
2013-11-10TTTV MM 13/14, H071085±45+101095±43
2013-11-03TMM MM 13/14, H061077±47+81085±44
2013-10-28TMM MM 13/14, H051141±53−641077±46
2013-10-21TMM MM 13/14, H041101±57+401141±52
2013-10-14TMM MM 13/14, H031109±58−81101±56
2013-09-29TMM MM 13/14, H021148±60−391109±57
2013-09-22TMM MM 13/14, H011147±60+11148±60
2013-04-21TTTV MM 12/13, F111117±42+301147±40
2013-04-14TTTV MM 12/13, F101111±42+61117±41
2013-04-07TTTV MM 12/13, F091094±44+171111±41
2013-03-17TTTV MM 12/13, F071109±42−151094±40
2013-03-10TTTV MM 12/13, F061105±45+41109±41
2013-03-03TTTV MM 12/13, F051083±46+221105±43
2013-02-03TTTV MM 12/13, F021098±44−151083±42
2013-01-27TTTV MM 12/13, F011081±46+171098±43
2012-12-02TTTV MM 12/13, H111098±39−171081±37
2012-11-25TTTV MM 12/13, H101088±40+101098±38
2012-11-18TTTV MM 12/13, H091102±41−141088±39
2012-11-11TTTV MM 12/13, H081085±42+171102±40
2012-11-04TTTV MM 12/13, H071070±43+151085±40
2012-10-28TTTV MM 12/13, H061086±45−161070±42
2012-10-21TTTV MM 12/13, H051092±45−61086±44
2012-10-14TTTV MM 12/13, H041132±47−401092±44
2012-10-07TTTV MM 12/13, H031146±50−141132±46
2012-09-30TTTV MM 12/13, H021168±57−221146±49
2012-09-23TTTV MM 12/13, H011156±66+121168±56
2012-04-15TTTV MM 11/12, F111152±51+41156±46
2012-03-25TTTV MM 11/12, F091155±48−31152±48
2012-03-18TTTV MM 11/12, F081136±51+191155±47
2012-03-11TTTV MM 11/12, F071121±55+151136±50
2012-02-05TTTV MM 11/12, F031126±51−51121±50
2012-01-29TTTV MM 11/12, F021141±53−151126±50
2012-01-22TTTV MM 11/12, F011117±56+241141±52
2011-12-04TTTV MM 11/12, H111107±56+101117±50
2011-11-27TTTV MM 11/12, H101126±59−191107±56
2011-11-20TTTV MM 11/12, H091123±61+31126±59
2011-11-13TTTV MM 11/12, H081042±82+811123±60
2011-11-06TTTV MM 11/12, H07807±170+2351042±82
2011-10-30TTTV MM 11/12, H06715±245+92807±170
2011-10-23TTTV MM 11/12, H05716±245−1715±245
2011-10-16TTTV MM 11/12, H04722±247−6716±245
2011-10-02TTTV MM 11/12, H02800±246−78722±247
2011-09-25TTTV MM 11/12, H011500±499−700800±246

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