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Toll, Hansjörg

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2020-10-25TTTV MM, Einsteger, Cup 20/21 (Spiele KW 43/2020)1974±75+21976±74
2020-10-18TTTV MM, Einsteger, Cup 20/21 (Spiele KW 42/2020)1973±74+11974±74
2020-10-11TTTV MM, Einsteger, Cup 20/21 (Spiele KW 41/2020)1968±74+51973±73
2020-10-04TTTV MM, Einsteger, Cup 20/21 (Spiele KW 40/2020)1965±74+31968±73
2020-09-27TTTV MM, Einsteger, Cup 20/21 (Spiele KW 39/2020)1961±74+41965±73
2020-03-08TTTV MM 19/20 Meister PO, F061936±45+211957±45
2020-03-01TTTV MM 19/20 Meister PO, F051927±45+81935±44
2020-02-23TTTV MM 19/20 Meister PO, F041919±45+81927±43
2020-02-16TTTV MM 19/20 Meister PO, F031924±48−51919±43
2020-02-02TTTV MM 19/20 Meister PO, F021922±48+11923±45
2020-01-26TTTV MM 19/20 Meister PO, F011921±5501921±47
2020-01-19TTTV Cup 19/20, Viertelfinale1920±54+11921±53
2019-12-15TTTV Cup 19/20, 1. Runde1919±4801919±48
2019-12-08TTTV MM 19/20, H111918±46+11919±46
2019-12-01TTTV MM 19/20, H101905±47+131918±45
2019-11-24TTTV MM 19/20, H091918±50−131905±46
2019-11-17TTTV MM 19/20, H081925±52−71918±48
2019-11-10TTTV MM 19/20, H071934±56−91925±51
2019-11-03TTTV MM 19/20, H061983±67−491934±55
2019-10-20TTTV MM 19/20, H051971±66+121983±66
2019-10-13TTTV MM 19/20, H041967±66+41971±65
2019-10-06TTTV MM 19/20, H031962±66+41966±65
2019-09-29TTTV MM 19/20, H021961±65+11962±65
2019-09-22TTTV MM 19/20, H011946±65+151961±64
2019-04-28TTTV Cup 18/19, Halbfinale1942±46+11943±41
2019-04-07TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F101961±53−191942±42
2019-03-31TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F091939±48+221961±51
2019-03-24TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F081938±47+11939±46
2019-03-17TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F071930±46+81938±45
2019-03-10TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F061925±45+51930±44
2019-03-03TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F051911±44+141925±43
2019-02-24TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F041886±44+251911±43
2019-02-17TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F031905±47−191886±42
2019-02-16TEM 2019 Allg. Klasse und Junioren1899±51+61905±46
2019-02-03TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F021966±59−671899±49
2019-01-27TTTV MM 18/19 M u A, F011963±58+31966±58
2019-01-20TTTV Cup 18/19, Viertelfinale1963±5701963±57
2018-12-09TTTV Cup 18/19, 1. Runde1962±5001962±50
2018-12-02TTTV MM 18/19, H111961±49+11962±49
2018-11-25TTTV MM 18/19, H101970±53−91961±48
2018-11-18TTTV MM 18/19, H091974±58−41970±51
2018-11-11TTTV MM 18/19, H081962±58+121974±56
2018-11-04TTTV MM 18/19, H072001±71−391962±57
2018-10-21TTTV MM 18/19, H061998±70+32001±70
2018-10-14TTTV MM 18/19, H051996±70+21998±69
2018-10-07TTTV MM 18/19, H041995±69+11996±69
2018-09-30TTTV MM 18/19, H031988±70+71995±68
2018-09-23TTTV MM 18/19, H021987±69+11988±69
2018-09-16TTTV MM 18/19, H011985±69+21987±68
2018-04-08TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F101997±50−151982±44
2018-03-25TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F091986±49+111997±47
2018-03-24TTTV TEM Sen 20181983±49+31986±49
2018-03-18TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F081980±49+31983±48
2018-03-11TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F071999±53−191980±47
2018-02-25TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F052017±58−181999±50
2018-02-10TTTV TEM AK E 20181992±57+242016±56
2018-02-04TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F031984±58+81992±56
2018-01-28TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F021963±59+211984±57
2018-01-21TTTV MM 17/18 M u A, F012013±66−501963±58
2017-12-03TTTV MM 17/18, H112008±61+42012±60
2017-11-26TTTV MM 17/18, H102002±61+62008±60
2017-11-19TTTV MM 17/18, H092036±69−342002±60
2017-11-12TTTV MM 17/18, H082033±69+22035±68
2017-11-05TTTV MM 17/18, H072032±68+12033±68
2017-10-22TTTV MM 17/18, H062007±70+242031±66
2017-10-15TTTV MM 17/18, H052004±70+32007±70
2017-10-08TTTV MM 17/18, H042040±85−362004±69
2017-10-01TTTV MM 17/18, H032020±90+202040±84
2017-09-24TTTV MM 17/18, H022010±92+102020±89
2017-09-17TTTV MM 17/18, H011994±95+162010±92
2017-04-29ÖTTV ÖM Senioren 2017 (Kufstein)1872±50+1191991±82
2017-04-09TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F111858±45+141872±46
2017-03-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F091842±41+151857±42
2017-03-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F081824±40+181842±40
2017-03-11TTTV TEM Senioren 20171831±48−81823±38
2017-03-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F061815±47+161831±47
2017-02-26TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F051809±47+61815±46
2017-02-19TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F041785±47+231808±46
2017-02-12TTTV TEM AK 20171815±58−301785±46
2017-02-05TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F031799±60+161815±57
2017-01-29TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F021801±62−21799±59
2017-01-22TTTV MM 16/17 X/Y PO, F011790±63+111801±61
2016-12-04TTTV MM 16/17, H111784±60+51789±56
2016-11-27TTTV MM 16/17, H101775±61+91784±59
2016-11-20TTTV MM 16/17, H091822±73−471775±60
2016-11-13TTTV MM 16/17, H081821±73+11822±72
2016-11-06TTTV MM 16/17, H071815±73+61821±72
2016-10-30TTTV MM 16/17, H061810±74+51815±73
2016-10-16TTTV MM 16/17, H051803±74+61809±72
2016-10-02TTTV MM 16/17, H031799±74+41803±73
2016-09-25TTTV MM 16/17, H021801±98−21799±73
2016-04-17TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F111792±85+51797±83
2016-04-10TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F101788±85+41792±84
2016-04-03TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F091777±88+111788±84
2016-03-20TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F081904±101−1271777±86
2016-03-06TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F061900±101+31903±100
2016-02-14TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F031898±100+21900±100
2016-01-31TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F022058±113−1601898±99
2016-01-24TTTV MM 15/16 X/Y PO, F012057±113+12058±113
2014-04-06TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F102043±40+22045±37
2014-03-30TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F092066±43−232043±38
2014-03-23TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F082073±46−82065±42
2014-03-16TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F072072±45+12073±45
2014-03-09TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F062062±44+102072±44
2014-03-02TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F052034±44+282062±42
2014-02-23TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F042064±49−302034±42
2014-02-16TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F032071±52−72064±48
2014-02-02TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F022098±56−282070±49
2014-01-26TTTV MM 13/14 M u A, F012097±5502097±55
2013-12-08TTTV MM 13/14, H112096±4702096±47
2013-12-01TTTV MM 13/14, H102081±47+152096±46
2013-11-24TTTV MM 13/14, H092113±48−322081±46
2013-11-17TTTV MM 13/14, H082138±53−252113±47
2013-11-10TTTV MM 13/14, H072111±54+272138±52
2013-11-03TMM MM 13/14, H062108±53+32111±53
2013-10-28TMM MM 13/14, H052104±53+42108±52
2013-10-21TMM MM 13/14, H042173±69−702103±52
2013-10-14TMM MM 13/14, H032158±71+152173±68
2013-09-29TMM MM 13/14, H022150±70+82158±69
2013-04-14TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F102147±4502147±45
2013-04-07TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F092146±44+12147±44
2013-03-24TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F082189±46−432146±41
2013-03-17TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F072209±52−202189±45
2013-03-10TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F062189±51+192208±51
2013-03-03TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F052178±51+112189±50
2013-02-24TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F042176±50+22178±50
2013-02-17TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F032200±57−242176±49
2013-02-03TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F022180±57+192199±54
2013-01-27TTTV MM 12/13 PO, F012193±67−132180±56
2012-12-02TTTV MM 12/13, H112189±60+32192±60
2012-11-25TTTV MM 12/13, H102188±59+12189±59
2012-11-18TTTV MM 12/13, H092185±59+22187±58
2012-11-11TTTV MM 12/13, H082165±60+202185±58
2012-11-04TTTV MM 12/13, H072160±60+52165±58
2012-10-28TTTV MM 12/13, H062158±59+22160±59
2012-10-21TTTV MM 12/13, H052214±69−562158±58
2012-10-14TTTV MM 12/13, H042273±100−592214±68
2012-10-07TTTV MM 12/13, H032233±104+402273±99
2012-09-30TTTV MM 12/13, H022166±112+672233±103
2012-09-23TTTV MM 12/13, H012151±115+152166±111
2012-04-01TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F102128±105+202148±101
2012-03-25TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F092118±106+102128±104
2012-03-18TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F082117±106+12118±106
2012-03-11TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F072117±10602117±105
2012-03-04TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F062116±10502116±105
2012-02-26TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F052064±107+522116±105
2012-02-19TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F042053±109+112064±106
2012-02-05TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F032050±109+22052±108
2012-01-29TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F022046±109+32049±108
2012-01-22TTTV MM 11/12 PO, F012042±110+42046±109
2011-12-04TTTV MM 11/12, H112030±109+112041±106
2011-11-27TTTV MM 11/12, H101925±101+1052030±109
2011-11-20TTTV MM 11/12, H092211±281−2871924±100
2011-11-13TTTV MM 11/12, H082205±283+62211±281
2011-11-06TTTV MM 11/12, H072203±283+12204±282
2011-10-30TTTV MM 11/12, H062197±284+62203±283
2011-10-23TTTV MM 11/12, H052188±286+92197±284
2011-10-16TTTV MM 11/12, H042177±289+112188±286
2011-10-09TTTV MM 11/12, H032164±292+132177±289
2011-10-02TTTV MM 11/12, H022098±312+662164±292
2011-09-25TTTV MM 11/12, H011700±500+3982098±311

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