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McRae, David

All Events
2018-10-09BDTTA 2018/9 Summer Pennant B R1604±39−1603±36
2018-09-04BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R18596±33+8604±32
2018-08-28BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R17615±33−19596±32
2018-08-21BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R16628±34−13615±32
2018-08-14BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R15638±33−10628±32
2018-08-07BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R14634±33+4638±31
2018-07-31BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R13638±33−4634±31
2018-07-24BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R12631±33+7638±31
2018-07-17BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R11653±34−22631±31
2018-06-26BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R10651±30+2653±29
2018-06-19BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R9657±30−6651±28
2018-06-11Vic Country week D3-E7 Monday June 11th658±29−1657±28
2018-06-10Vic Country week Round 1 D3-E7 Saturday June 10th625±31+33658±28
2018-06-09Vic Country week D3-E7 Sunday June 10th619±35+6625±31
2018-05-29BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R7641±35−22619±33
2018-05-22BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R6632±35+9641±33
2018-05-202018 CVGT Bendigo Veterans626±35+6632±34
2018-05-15BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R5635±35−9626±34
2018-05-08BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R4628±36+7635±34
2018-05-01BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R3652±37−24628±34
2018-04-24BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R2660±38−8652±36
2018-04-17BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R1680±40−20660±37
2018-03-13BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R16680±350680±34
2018-03-06BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R15672±36+8680±34
2018-02-27BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R14666±37+6672±34
2018-02-20BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R13662±38+4666±35
2018-02-13BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R12670±39−8662±37
2018-02-06BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R11659±40+11670±38
2018-01-30BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R10672±43−13659±39
2017-12-12BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R9690±37−18672±35
2017-11-28BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R7691±36−1690±34
2017-11-21BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R6686±37+5691±34
2017-11-192017 BDTTA Club Championships699±39−13686±36
2017-11-14BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R5732±42−33699±38
2017-10-31BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R4784±44−52732±39
2017-10-24BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R3847±45−63784±43
2017-10-17BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R2862±47−15847±44
2017-08-04Coffs Friday Night Comp869±37−7862±34
2017-07-07Coffs Friday Night Comp892±34−23869±32
2017-06-30Coffs Friday Night Comp890±34+2892±32
2017-06-23Coffs Friday Night Comp902±33−12890±32
2017-06-16Coffs Friday Night Comp919±33−17902±31
2017-06-04Coffs Harbour Vs Kempsey898±32+21919±30
2017-06-02Coffs Friday Night Comp884±33+14898±31
2017-05-26Coffs Friday Night Comp879±33+5884±31
2017-05-12Coffs Friday Night Comp894±32−15879±30
2017-05-05Coffs Friday Night Comp895±32−1894±30
2017-04-21Coffs Friday Night Comp884±30+11895±29
2017-04-14Coffs Friday Night Comp885±30−1884±29
2017-04-07Coffs Friday Night Comp871±30+14885±28
2017-04-02Coffs Harbour Vs Armidale882±30−11871±29
2017-03-31Coffs Friday Night Comp876±30+6882±29
2017-03-24Coffs Friday Night Comp872±31+4876±29
2017-03-19Mid North Coast Cup, Coffs v Port870±31+2872±29
2017-03-17Coffs Friday Night Comp873±32−3870±30
2017-03-10Coffs Friday Night Comp897±32−24873±30
2017-03-03Coffs Friday Night Comp901±31−4897±30
2017-02-24Coffs Friday Night Comp900±31+1901±29
2017-02-17Coffs Friday Night Comp886±31+14900±30
2017-02-10Coffs Friday Night Comp885±31+1886±30
2017-02-04Coffs HarbourTT Championships-2017877±32+8885±30
2017-01-27Coffs Friday Night Comp868±32+9877±30
2017-01-20Coffs Friday Night Comp886±32−18868±30
2017-01-13Coff Friday Night Comp886±330886±31
2017-01-06Coffs Friday Night Comp884±32+2886±31
2016-12-30Coffs Friday Night Comp901±32−17884±30
2016-12-23Coffs Friday Night Comp904±32−3901±30
2016-12-09Coffs Friday Night Comp900±32+4904±29
2016-12-02Coffs Friday Night Comp895±33+5900±30
2016-11-18Coffs Friday Night Comp897±31−2895±29
2016-11-11Coffs Friday Night Comp904±31−7897±29
2016-11-04Coffs Friday Night Comp888±31+16904±29
2016-10-29Challenge Competition889±30−1888±29
2016-10-28Coffs Friday Night Comp887±32+2889±30
2016-10-21Coffs Friday Night Comp892±32−5887±30
2016-10-16Mid North Coast Cup, Port v Coffs893±33−1892±31
2016-10-07Coffs Friday Night Comp896±32−3893±31
2016-09-30Coffs Friday Night Comp889±32+7896±30
2016-09-25Waterfall Way Challenge891±32−2889±31
2016-09-23Coffs Friday Night Comp903±35−12891±32
2016-09-02Coffs Friday Night Comp911±32−8903±30
2016-08-26Coffs Friday Night Comp920±32−9911±30
2016-08-19Coffs Friday Night Comp912±32+8920±31
2016-08-12Coffs Friday Night Comp918±32−6912±30
2016-07-29Coffs Friday Night Comp915±31+3918±29
2016-07-24Coffs Harbour v Port Macquarie901±32+14915±29
2016-07-22Coffs Friday Night Comp901±330901±31
2016-07-15Coffs Friday Night Comp882±33+19901±31
2016-07-01Coffs Friday Night Comp887±31−5882±29
2016-06-24Coffs Friday Night Comp901±31−14887±29
2016-06-17Coffs Friday Night Comp903±31−2901±29
2016-06-10Coffs Friday Night Comp893±32+10903±30
2016-06-03Coffs Friday Night Comp898±31−5893±30
2016-05-27Coffs Friday Night Comp882±31+16898±29
2016-05-20Coffs Friday Night Comp893±31−11882±30
2016-05-13Coffs Friday Night Comp893±310893±29
2016-05-06Coffs Friday Night Comp891±31+2893±29
2016-04-29Coffs Friday Night Comp890±31+1891±29
2016-04-22Coffs Friday Night Comp889±31+1890±29
2016-04-15Coffs Friday Night Comp877±31+12889±29
2016-04-10Waterfall Way Challenge888±32−11877±29
2016-04-01Coffs Friday Night Comp896±32−8888±29
2016-03-25Coffs Friday Night Comp887±31+9896±30
2016-03-18Coffs Friday Night Comp900±31−13887±29
2016-03-11Coffs Friday Night Comp891±31+9900±29
2016-03-06Port Macquarie v Coffs Harbour886±32+5891±30
2016-02-26Coffs Friday Night Comp886±330886±30
2016-02-19Coffs Friday Night Comp898±33−12886±32
2016-02-12Coffs Friday Night Comp886±33+12898±32
2016-02-05Coffs Friday Night Comp880±34+6886±31
2016-01-29Coffs Friday Night Comp898±35−18880±32
2016-01-22Coffs Friday Night Comp895±34+3898±33
2016-01-15Coffs Friday Night Comp902±35−7895±33
2016-01-08Coffs Friday Night Comp897±35+5902±34
2016-01-01Coffs Friday Night Comp893±34+4897±33
2015-12-11Coffs Friday Night Comp896±32−3893±30
2015-12-04Coffs Friday Night Comp892±32+4896±30
2015-11-27Coffs Friday Night Comp898±33−6892±30
2015-11-20Coffs Friday Night Comp893±33+5898±31
2015-11-08Coffs Harbour v Port Macquarie884±33+9893±30
2015-11-06Coffs Friday Night Comp902±35−18884±33
2015-11-01Waterfall Way Challenge906±37−4902±34
2015-10-30Coffs Friday Night Comp887±41+19906±37
2015-10-23Coffs Friday Night Comp859±45+28887±40
2015-10-16Coffs Friday Night Comp869±51−10859±44
2015-10-09Friday Night Comp866±57+3869±50
2015-10-02Friday Night Comp872±65−6866±56
2015-08-21Friday Night Comp911±71−39872±61
2015-04-19Alex Lee Trophy Coffs v Port984±74−73911±58
2014-10-12Port Macquarie v Coffs Harbour1000±75−16984±54

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