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McRae, David

All Events
2018-08-14BDTTA 2018 WinterPennant B R15629±33−10619±32
2018-08-07BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R14625±33+4629±32
2018-07-31BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R13629±33−4625±31
2018-07-24BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R12622±33+7629±32
2018-07-17BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R11643±34−21622±32
2018-06-26BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R10641±30+2643±29
2018-06-19BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R9646±30−5641±28
2018-06-11Vic Country week D3-E7 Monday June 11th647±29−1646±28
2018-06-10Vic Country week Round 1 D3-E7 Saturday June 10th614±32+33647±29
2018-06-09Vic Country week D3-E7 Sunday June 10th607±36+7614±31
2018-05-29BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R7628±35−21607±33
2018-05-22BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R6619±35+9628±34
2018-05-202018 CVGT Bendigo Veterans618±35+1619±35
2018-05-15BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R5627±35−9618±34
2018-05-08BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R4619±36+8627±34
2018-05-01BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R3644±37−25619±34
2018-04-24BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R2651±38−7644±36
2018-04-17BDTTA 2018 Winter Pennant B R1670±40−19651±37
2018-03-13BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R16669±35+1670±34
2018-03-06BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R15661±36+8669±34
2018-02-27BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R14654±37+7661±34
2018-02-20BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R13649±38+5654±35
2018-02-13BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R12656±39−7649±37
2018-02-06BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R11644±40+12656±37
2018-01-30BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R10654±43−10644±39
2017-12-12BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R9671±37−17654±34
2017-11-28BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R7671±360671±34
2017-11-21BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R6663±36+8671±34
2017-11-192017 BDTTA Club Championships674±39−11663±36
2017-11-14BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R5701±42−27674±38
2017-10-31BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R4748±44−47701±39
2017-10-24BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R3808±46−60748±43
2017-10-17BDTTA 2017_18 Summer Pennant B R2819±47−11808±44
2017-08-04Coffs Friday Night Comp829±39−10819±35
2017-07-07Coffs Friday Night Comp856±35−27829±33
2017-06-30Coffs Friday Night Comp855±35+1856±33
2017-06-23Coffs Friday Night Comp870±34−15855±33
2017-06-16Coffs Friday Night Comp891±34−21870±32
2017-06-04Coffs Harbour Vs Kempsey866±33+25891±31
2017-06-02Coffs Friday Night Comp854±34+12866±32
2017-05-26Coffs Friday Night Comp851±34+3854±32
2017-05-12Coffs Friday Night Comp869±33−18851±31
2017-05-05Coffs Friday Night Comp872±33−3869±31
2017-04-21Coffs Friday Night Comp863±31+9872±29
2017-04-14Coffs Friday Night Comp864±31−1863±29
2017-04-07Coffs Friday Night Comp849±30+15864±29
2017-04-02Coffs Harbour Vs Armidale860±30−11849±29
2017-03-31Coffs Friday Night Comp853±31+7860±30
2017-03-24Coffs Friday Night Comp851±31+2853±29
2017-03-19Mid North Coast Cup, Coffs v Port848±31+3851±30
2017-03-17Coffs Friday Night Comp851±32−3848±30
2017-03-10Coffs Friday Night Comp876±32−25851±31
2017-03-03Coffs Friday Night Comp879±31−3876±30
2017-02-24Coffs Friday Night Comp879±320879±29
2017-02-17Coffs Friday Night Comp865±32+14879±30
2017-02-10Coffs Friday Night Comp863±32+2865±30
2017-02-04Coffs HarbourTT Championships-2017855±32+8863±31
2017-01-27Coffs Friday Night Comp845±33+10855±31
2017-01-20Coffs Friday Night Comp865±33−20845±31
2017-01-13Coff Friday Night Comp865±340865±31
2017-01-06Coffs Friday Night Comp865±320865±32
2016-12-30Coffs Friday Night Comp884±32−19865±30
2016-12-23Coffs Friday Night Comp888±33−4884±31
2016-12-09Coffs Friday Night Comp883±32+5888±30
2016-12-02Coffs Friday Night Comp878±33+5883±31
2016-11-18Coffs Friday Night Comp882±31−4878±30
2016-11-11Coffs Friday Night Comp889±31−7882±30
2016-11-04Coffs Friday Night Comp871±31+18889±30
2016-10-29Challenge Competition874±31−3871±30
2016-10-28Coffs Friday Night Comp872±32+2874±31
2016-10-21Coffs Friday Night Comp878±32−6872±31
2016-10-16Mid North Coast Cup, Port v Coffs878±330878±31
2016-10-07Coffs Friday Night Comp882±32−4878±31
2016-09-30Coffs Friday Night Comp876±32+6882±31
2016-09-25Waterfall Way Challenge876±330876±31
2016-09-23Coffs Friday Night Comp890±35−14876±32
2016-09-02Coffs Friday Night Comp897±33−7890±31
2016-08-26Coffs Friday Night Comp906±33−9897±31
2016-08-19Coffs Friday Night Comp901±32+5906±31
2016-08-12Coffs Friday Night Comp906±33−5901±31
2016-07-29Coffs Friday Night Comp904±31+2906±29
2016-07-24Coffs Harbour v Port Macquarie888±32+16904±30
2016-07-22Coffs Friday Night Comp888±340888±32
2016-07-15Coffs Friday Night Comp868±33+20888±32
2016-07-01Coffs Friday Night Comp875±32−7868±30
2016-06-24Coffs Friday Night Comp892±31−17875±30
2016-06-17Coffs Friday Night Comp892±320892±30
2016-06-10Coffs Friday Night Comp882±32+10892±30
2016-06-03Coffs Friday Night Comp886±31−4882±31
2016-05-27Coffs Friday Night Comp870±32+16886±30
2016-05-20Coffs Friday Night Comp880±32−10870±30
2016-05-13Coffs Friday Night Comp880±320880±30
2016-05-06Coffs Friday Night Comp878±32+2880±30
2016-04-29Coffs Friday Night Comp879±31−1878±30
2016-04-22Coffs Friday Night Comp879±310879±30
2016-04-15Coffs Friday Night Comp866±31+13879±30
2016-04-10Waterfall Way Challenge877±32−11866±30
2016-04-01Coffs Friday Night Comp884±32−7877±30
2016-03-25Coffs Friday Night Comp880±31+4884±31
2016-03-18Coffs Friday Night Comp894±31−14880±30
2016-03-11Coffs Friday Night Comp885±31+9894±30
2016-03-06Port Macquarie v Coffs Harbour879±33+6885±30
2016-02-26Coffs Friday Night Comp879±340879±31
2016-02-19Coffs Friday Night Comp890±34−11879±32
2016-02-12Coffs Friday Night Comp879±34+11890±32
2016-02-05Coffs Friday Night Comp873±34+6879±32
2016-01-29Coffs Friday Night Comp891±36−18873±33
2016-01-22Coffs Friday Night Comp889±35+2891±34
2016-01-15Coffs Friday Night Comp896±36−7889±33
2016-01-08Coffs Friday Night Comp893±35+3896±35
2016-01-01Coffs Friday Night Comp890±34+3893±34
2015-12-11Coffs Friday Night Comp894±32−4890±30
2015-12-04Coffs Friday Night Comp891±32+3894±30
2015-11-27Coffs Friday Night Comp896±33−5891±31
2015-11-20Coffs Friday Night Comp892±33+4896±31
2015-11-08Coffs Harbour v Port Macquarie883±34+9892±31
2015-11-06Coffs Friday Night Comp901±36−18883±33
2015-11-01Waterfall Way Challenge905±38−4901±35
2015-10-30Coffs Friday Night Comp885±42+20905±38
2015-10-23Coffs Friday Night Comp859±46+26885±41
2015-10-16Coffs Friday Night Comp869±52−10859±45
2015-10-09Friday Night Comp865±58+4869±51
2015-10-02Friday Night Comp872±66−7865±58
2015-08-21Friday Night Comp909±71−37872±62
2015-04-19Alex Lee Trophy Coffs v Port983±74−74909±57
2014-10-12Port Macquarie v Coffs Harbour1000±75−17983±54

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