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Potievskiy, Alex

All Events
2010-10-05DTTC October Laegue 2010 (I)1091±61−491042±56
2010-06-01DTTC May League 2010 (IV)1151±52−601091±45
2010-03-23DTTC March League 2010 (IV)1140±43+111151±41
2010-03-16DTTC March League 2010 (III)1130±44+101140±42
2010-02-23DTTC February League 2010(IV)1131±43−11130±40
2010-01-26DTTC January League 2010 (IV)1135±39−41131±39
2010-01-19DTTC January League 2010(III)1148±39−131135±38
2010-01-12DTTC January League 2010(II)1158±39−101148±38
2010-01-10Dynamo TTC Cup 2010(2)1191±42−331158±39
2010-01-03Dynamo TTC Cup 2010(1)1120±52+711191±41
2009-12-15DTTC December League (III) 20091150±55−301120±49
2009-12-01DTTC December League (I) 20091157±55−71150±53
2009-08-04DTTC August (I) League 20091173±40−161157±38
2009-07-28DTTC July (IV) League 20091181±41−81173±39
2009-07-21DTTC July (III) League 20091171±42+101181±40
2009-07-14DTTC July (II) League 20091187±43−161171±41
2009-07-07DTTC July (I) League 20091174±44+131187±42
2009-06-30DTTC June (V) League 20091174±4301174±43
2009-06-23DTTC June (IV) League 20091176±45−21174±42
2009-06-02DTTC June (I) League 20091170±46+61176±42
2009-05-19DTTC May (III) League 20091177±47−71170±43
2009-04-16DTTC April (II) League 20091170±44+71177±42
2009-04-07DTTC April (I) League 20091140±46+301170±43
2009-03-10DTTC March (II) League 20091135±43+51140±42
2009-03-03DTTC March (I) League 20091153±44−181135±42
2009-02-17DTTC February (III) League 20091155±42−21153±41
2009-02-10DTTC February (II) League 20091156±41−11155±41
2009-02-03DTTC February (I) League 20091129±41+271156±40
2009-01-27DTTC January (IV) League 20091128±43+11129±40
2009-01-06DTTC January (I) League 20091124±41+41128±40
2008-12-30DTTC December (V) League 20081108±42+161124±40
2008-12-23DTTC December (IV) League 20081135±45−271108±41
2008-12-02DTTC December (I) League 20081140±42−51135±41
2008-11-18DTTC November (III) League 20081153±42−131140±40
2008-11-11DTTC November (II) League 20081166±42−131153±41
2008-11-04DTTC November (I) League 20081143±42+231166±41
2008-10-28DTTC October (IV) League 20081144±41−11143±41
2008-10-16DTTC October (III) League 20081103±42+411144±39
2008-10-07DTTC October (II) League 20081096±42+71103±41
2008-10-02DTTC October (I) League 20081067±43+291096±41
2008-08-26DTTC August (IV) League 20081056±41+111067±37
2008-08-19DTTC August (III) League 20081056±3901056±39
2008-08-12DTTC August (II) League 20081079±42−231056±38
2008-07-29DTTC July (V) League 20081086±43−71079±40
2008-07-08DTTC July (II) League 20081086±4301086±39
2008-05-20DTTC May (III) League 20081112±36−261086±34
2008-05-13DTTC May (II) League 20081102±36+101112±35
2008-05-06DTTC May (I) League 20081110±37−81102±35
2008-04-29DTTC April (V) League 20081126±38−161110±35
2008-04-22DTTC April (IV) League 20081133±39−71126±36
2008-04-15DTTC April (III) League 20081122±39+111133±38
2008-04-08DTTC April (II) League 20081133±40−111122±38
2008-04-01DTTC April (I) League 20081135±40−21133±39
2008-03-25DTTC March (IV) League 20081146±41−111135±38
2008-03-18DTTC March (III) Laegue 20081126±43+201146±40
2008-03-11DTTC March (II) League 20081129±48−31126±42
2008-03-04DTTC March (I) League 20081129±4801129±47
2008-02-05DTTC February (I) League 20081126±44+31129±44
2008-01-29DTTC January (IV) League 20081100±44+261126±43
2008-01-22DTTC January (III) League 20081106±45−61100±43
2008-01-08DTTC January (I) League 20081104±43+21106±42
2007-12-19DTTC December (III) League 20071107±40−31104±39
2007-12-11DTTC December (II) League 20071112±39−51107±38
2007-12-04DTTC December (I) League 20071095±39+171112±38
2007-11-27DTTC November (IV) League 20071081±40+141095±38
2007-11-20DTTC November (III) League 20071088±40−71081±38
2007-11-06DTTC November (I) League 20071085±38+31088±37
2007-10-30DTTC October (V) League 20071097±42−121085±37
2007-10-23DTTC October (IV) League 20071091±42+61097±41
2007-10-16DTTC October (III) League 20071074±43+171091±41
2007-10-09DTTC October (II) League 20071099±44−251074±42
2007-10-02DTTC October (I) League 20071097±43+21099±42
2007-09-25DTTC September (IV) League 20071066±45+311097±42
2007-08-21DTTC August (III) League 20071090±43−241066±39
2007-08-14DTTC August (II) League 20071139±44−491090±42
2007-08-07DTTC August (I) League 20071145±44−61139±43
2007-07-31DTTC July (V) League 20071133±44+121145±43
2007-07-24DTTC July (IV) League 20071150±49−171133±43
2007-07-17DTTC July (III) League 20071142±50+81150±48
2007-07-10DTTC July (II) League 20071137±50+51142±49
2007-07-03DTTC July (I) League 20071137±4901137±49
2007-06-12DTTC June(II) League 20071141±48−41137±46
2007-06-05DTTC June(I) League 20071140±47+11141±46
2007-05-01DTTC April (IV) League 20071126±44+141140±42
2007-04-25DTTC April(III) League 20071115±45+111126±43
2007-03-20DTTC March (III) League 20071113±41+21115±40
2007-03-13DTTC March (II) League 20071099±42+141113±40
2007-03-06DTTC March (I) League 20071095±42+41099±41
2007-02-27DTTC February (IV) League 20071102±43−71095±41
2007-02-20DTTC February (III) League 20071107±46−51102±42
2007-02-06DTTC February (I) League 20071116±46−91107±44
2007-01-16DTTC January (III) League 20071116±4701116±43
2006-11-21DTTC November (III) League 20061108±40+81116±38
2006-11-07DTTC November (I) League 20061104±39+41108±38
2006-10-31DTTC October (V) League 20061110±38−61104±37
2006-10-24DTTC October (IV) League 20061113±39−31110±37
2006-10-17DTTC October (III) League 20061115±39−21113±37
2006-10-10DTTC October (II) League 20061137±41−221115±38
2006-10-03DTTC October (I) League 20061150±42−131137±40
2006-09-12DTTC September (II) League 20061153±40−31150±38
2006-08-29DTTC August (V) League 20061144±39+91153±38
2006-08-22DTTC August (IV) League 20061129±40+151144±38
2006-08-08DTTC August (II) League 20061137±39−81129±37
2006-07-25DTTC July (IV) League 20061146±37−91137±36
2006-07-18DTTC July (III) League 20061139±39+71146±36
2006-07-11DTTC July (II) League 20061143±38−41139±37
2006-06-27DTTC June (IV) League 20061150±39−71143±36
2006-06-20DTTC June (III) League 20061143±42+71150±38
2006-05-30DTTC May (IV) League 20061159±44−161143±38
2006-05-23DTTC May (III) League 20061133±45+261159±43
2006-05-16DTTC May (II) League 20061136±46−31133±44
2006-05-09DTTC May (I) League 20061113±47+231136±45
2006-04-25DTTC April (III) League 20061115±45−21113±44
2006-04-11DTTC April (II) League 20061112±43+31115±43
2006-03-28DTTC March (IV) League 20061087±44+251112±41
2006-03-21DTTC March (III) League 20061086±48+11087±42
2006-03-14DTTC March (II) League 20061078±48+81086±46
2006-03-07DTTC March (I) League 20061072±48+61078±47
2006-02-21DTTC February (III) League 20061037±50+351072±46
2006-02-07DTTC February (I) League 20061037±4801037±48
2006-01-31DTTC January (V) League 20061022±49+151037±47
2006-01-24DTTC January (IV) League 20061013±52+91022±48
2006-01-17DTTC January (III) League 20061004±55+91013±51
2005-12-13DTTC December (II) League 20051035±53−311004±51
2005-12-06DTTC December (I) League 20051035±5201035±52
2005-11-22DTTC November (IV) League 20051020±53+151035±50
2005-11-15DTTC November (III) League 20051021±53−11020±52
2005-11-08DTTC November (II) League 20051037±57−161021±52
2005-11-01DTTC November (I) League 20051037±5601037±56
2005-10-27DTTC October (IV) League 20051036±55+11037±55
2005-10-20DTTC October (III) League 20051056±58−201036±55
2005-06-21DTTC June (III) League 20051057±42−11056±42
2005-06-14DTTC June (II) League 20051070±43−131057±41
2005-05-24DTTC May (IV) League 20051072±41−21070±40
2005-05-17DTTC May (III) League 20051065±42+71072±40
2005-05-03DTTC May (I) League 20051066±40−11065±40
2005-04-26DTTC April (V) League 20051036±43+301066±38
2005-04-12DTTC April (II) League 20051037±43−11036±41
2005-04-05DTTC April (I) League 20051039±42−21037±41
2005-03-29DTTC March (V) League 20051043±41−41039±40
2005-03-22DTTC March (IV) League 20051052±41−91043±40
2005-03-15DTTC March (III) League 20051010±45+421052±40
2005-03-01DTTC March (I) League 20051013±43−31010±43
2005-02-22DTTC February (IV) League 20051043±43−301013±42
2005-02-15DTTC February (III) League 20051055±43−121043±42
2005-02-08DTTC February (II) League 20051028±47+271055±42
2005-02-01DTTC February (I) League 20051030±46−21028±46
2005-01-25DTTC January (IV) League 2005999±50+311030±45
2005-01-18DTTC January (III) 2005989±55+10999±49
2005-01-11DTTC January (II) League 2005992±55−3989±54
2005-01-04DTTC January (I) League 2005992±540992±54
2004-12-28DTTC December (IV) League 2004985±57+7992±53
2004-12-21DTTC December (III) League 2004998±58−13985±56
2004-12-14DTTC December (II) League 20041010±59−12998±57
2004-12-07DTTC December (I) League 20041012±59−21010±58
2004-11-30DTTC November (V) League 2004961±65+511012±58
2004-11-23DTTC November (IV) League 2004969±67−8961±64
2004-11-16DTTC November (III) League 2004982±70−13969±66
2004-11-02DTTC November (I) League 20041000±75−18982±68

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