Registering as an Event Director

To submit events to Ratings Central, you must register as an event director to obtain a director ID. Before registering, you must read all the information pages listed in Information for Event Directors.

Your director ID will allow you to submit events using any of the methods described in Submitting Events. You will also be able to log into the Ratings Central website to download a rating list (that includes player postal and email addresses), download a club list, update your director information, add or modify club information, update player information, and associate players or directors with your clubs. To log into the website, click the “Event Director Support” link that is on every page in the left sidebar.

Note that you do not need to register as a Ratings Central event director if all you want to do is use Zermelo for a tournament that you will not be submitting to Ratings Central.

Policies and Responsibilities

Director IDs are assigned to people, not to organizations, clubs, groups, etc. This is because we need to know whom to contact if there is a question or a problem. So, when registering, you must enter your information in the form, not your organization’s. However, you may enter an organization email address as long as you will respond to emails sent to it. If for legal reasons you don’t want your name displayed on the website, please .

As an event director, you are expected to reply to emails within one business day and fix problems within one week.

Do not share your director ID with anyone else. Each person who submits events must have their own director ID and is responsible for the events that they submit. You may have someone assist you, but you are still responsible for the events submitted using your director ID.

You are responsible for making corrections (including removing duplicate players) for any events that you submit. Such corrections may be necessary long after an event is submitted. Therefore you are expected to back up the database files and retain them indefinitely. If you get a new computer, copy the files to the new computer (and make a backup). If you do lose your files, we can send you replacements.

Retiring or Transferring

You may transfer your director ID to another person by giving the other person the database files and updating the information for the director ID on the Ratings Central website to be that of the other person. There are two ways that you can do this: One way is to change the information on the website to the other person, change the password to a temporary one, give the other person the temporary password, and have the other person set their own password. The other way is to change the password to a temporary one, give the other person the temporary password, and have the other person set their own password and change the information to them. In both cases, you need to give your database files to the other person.

Note that this system makes it simple for an organization to effectively have a director ID. All the organization has to do is pick a responsible person, who registers as the director. When that person no longer wishes to be the responsible person, the organization picks a new responsible person, and the first person transfers the director ID to the second person.

If you are no longer able to be responsible for the events that you submitted, do not simply disappear. It is best to find someone else to transfer your director ID to. But, if you cannot do that, .

If you want to delete your director ID, . However, we cannot delete a director ID if there are events that were submitted using that ID. (You can search for your events on the website by entering your director ID in the “Director ID number” field on Events.) If you want to delete an event, delete all the results, then submit the event. (Are you sure that you want to delete the event? Players may wish to see their old results.) If you used Zermelo to submit a tournament, it isn’t practical to use Zermelo to delete it. If you need assistance deleting events, . Rather than deleting events, it may be better to transfer your director ID to another person.

Registration Form

To register as an event director, click the “Event Director Registration Form” link below and fill out the form. We will send you your director ID via email (within one day).

If you have already submitted the form, but we did not reply, please do not submit it again. Instead, .